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Welcome to Virtual Solutions

Digital Marketing Services to Support Your Business

Our Mission

At Virtual Solutions we have one purpose: to help you create an exceptional digital experience for your customers that grows and accelerates your brand so that together we can make a huge, long-lasting impact.

We understand that our clients experience three key challenges:

  • They struggle to find and engage with high-quality potential customers.
  • They don’t have the time to add digital marketing to their daily tasks - let alone keep up with the latest trends and changes in platform function.
  • They know that creating a highly professional presence online takes time and effort, yet they want to see immediate results.

Of course, there is no set program that suits every business; we know your brand has its own unique identity.

Our Process

Virtual Solutions takes an intensive ‘deep dive’ approach to solve these frustrations. We look at every aspect of your customer's experience from discovery to purchase, to relationship management and beyond. We then create a powerful omnichannel strategy that provides your customers with an exceptional integrated experience, designed to increase brand sentiment, delight customers and generate leads. We'll help you implement our strategies by providing in-house training for your team; or offering a bespoke package which provides all the solutions your business needs.

Sound interesting? Book your Free Discovery Session so that we can listen, explore ideas, and formulate solutions specifically for you.

Our Key Principles

Quality Content – Everything we post is tailored to showcase your business. Well researched, keyword rich, written to a high standard, and encourages sharing across social media.

Engagement – We will work hard with you to create effective strategies for marketing, business developments, social media and brands, helping you meet and exceed your business goals.

Trust – We operate in line with industry guidelines and best practices to grow your business ethically and with integrity. We do not engage in ‘black-hat’ techniques – such as buying likes, or the use of aggressive SEO strategies. We are here to develop a long-term relationship with you.

Transparency – We do not disclose personal or sensitive information, and maintain the highest levels of client confidentiality.

How Can We Help You?

We assist our clients in developing that essential online presence, as well as creating unique marketing strategies to ensure development and growth – connecting your business with its customer base. By strengthening your online identity, we aid in creating a positive brand image to foster new relationships and boost sales.

We provide a full range of services including Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Management, Social Media Train-ing, Public Relations, Search Engine Optimisation, Advertising, Relationship Management, Outreach, Virtual Assistance, and Events Organisation.

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Our Clients

It would be easy to say that we work with every type of business, but it's simply not true. We love working with a wide range of clients in the Food & Beverage, and Hospitality industries.

Clients that benefit the most from our services are business owners, company directors, in the UAE with an annual turnover of over AED 1,000,000 - and who believe in creating exceptional digital experiences for their customers.


Our Ideal Clients

  • Have a sense of purpose and high ethical values.
  • Are serious about achieving business success by making smart choices on their digital presence.
  • Are committed to not only developing a multi-channel communications strategy but also implementing and maintaining it.
  • Understand that results take time, recognising that nurturing customer relationships is an investment in the future of their business.
  • Place a high value on spending their time on projects that are truly important to them.
  • Want to streamline their operations by delegating their marketing and communications matters to competent, trustworthy, and experienced professionals.
  • Pay fairly for the time and expertise that their professional advisors provide.
  • Look beyond financial success and seek to find significance in meeting their responsibilities to themselves, their stakeholders, local community, and the world in general.

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We believe in providing an exceptional service for all of our clients, our job is to listen to your needs and requirements, and deliver solutions that not only meet your expectations but go above and beyond.


Meet Our Team

Dawn Gribble
An experienced Digital Marketer with a background in Social Media Management, B2B and B2C Sales, PR and Customer Services. Dawn has a clear understanding of business support needs, with a proven track record in managing social media campaigns, digital marketing, PR and developing business relationships. She is also a Guest Speaker and Panel Moderator
Simon Gribble
Office & Relationship Manager
Simon is a Customer Experience Expert specialising in customer service and relationship management. He has over 30 years experience working with Blue-chip companies and was responsible for implementing the Help Desk at the Metropolitan Police. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and riding motorbikes.
Lynne Pratt
Content Director
Lynne is an experienced writer and Content Director who has written for a number of publications around the world. Lynne heads up our content team, collaborating with content writers and clients to develop impactful content strategies, and prepare high-quality blogs, whitepapers, eBooks reports and social media posts. A highly skilled communicator, she holds a BA in English Literature.
Ahmad Abdullah
Events Manager
Ahmad has considerable experience in operations, promotions, events, and campaigns. He has worked on over 75 integrated campaigns for major clients such as The Spartan Race, Dubai World Cup, Abu Dhabi Summer Festival, Rugby Sevens and Lady Gaga.
Laura Blackburn
PPC Expert
Laura is a highly experienced digital marketing expert specialising in PPC. Google and Bing certified she has been managing paid search campaigns for over 10 years. Her expertise includes AdWords, Remarketing, Display, Google Analytics, Bing Ads as well as social ads. Laura is passionate about communication, developing close relationships with clients to help them maximise the performance of their PPC campaigns.