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4 Tips to Attract More Beer Lovers to your Festival

4 Tips to Attract More Beer Lovers to your Festival

4 Tips to Attract More Beer Lovers to your Festival

Whether you’re a new brewery on the scene or you’ve been brewing up quality beverages for years, festivals are a proven way to get your brand into the market and promote your beers. Every month, beer festivals pop up across the UK, featuring products from top breweries, brand new craft brewers and smaller, local tap rooms.

Beer festivals offer brewers the opportunity to engage with a captive audience of beer lovers, whilst showcasing their best sellers and new releases. No matter the size or age of your brewery, festivals are a great way to introduce your brews to a new audience and engage with current and potential customers.

To help you make the most of out of your next event, we’ve put together some ideas and tips for getting more beer lovers to your next festival.

Pair Beer with Food

 You might associate wine with food pairings like meat and cheese, but beer has the same quality and can be paired with foods to enhance the taste of both. For your next festival, think ahead and get creative with your cuisine. Perhaps, you could pair beer with BBQ or craft sausages. Or you could take a cue from the Topsham Beer & Bacon Festival, which featured local ales, a homemade bacon competition, music, street food, and even a chilli-eating competition. The more creative you are with food, the broader audience you’ll attract to your festival.

Another idea is to incorporate your beer into the actual food, as part of the recipe! For example, you might feature a special mussels-in-beer dish at your event or offer samples of mustards or sauces made out of beer. If you have enough time, consider preparing and packaging the beer food products in advance and sell these items for additional revenue at the festival.

Think Outside the Tap Room

A common misconception about beer festivals is that they have to be held on festival grounds or in a taproom. Think outside the pub to plan a creative festival that will attract new beer lovers. Take for example, the Independent Manchester Beer Convention, which held its October event in the historic Victoria Baths. Festival attendees were able to sip their favourite brews amongst an amazing assortment of stained glass and glazed tiles within the historic building that once housed Turkish Bath and Edwardian Swimming Pools.

Attracting More Beer Lovers

By hosting your festival in a unique location or venue, you’ll add an additional draw for your event whilst standing out from the array of other festivals out there.

Find the Perfect Partner

Food doesn’t have to the only pairing for your next festival. Why not pair up with another brewery to expand your reach? Many breweries are doing exactly this through ‘collaboration brews’, which involve two or more breweries joining forces to create a special, limited-edition beer.

Take for example, BrewDog’s recent collaboration brews developed for the Adelaide Beer & BBQ Fest. The UK-based brewer paired up with different craft breweries from across Australia to create five inventive brews, all of which were released at the Beer & BBQ Fest. The creative twist not only helped promote local partnerships but also enticed a broader range of beer lovers to the festival

Tap into Beer Swag 

What do people like almost as much as beer? Beer swag! No matter the size of your festival, creative and unique beer swag can help attract and engage beer lovers of all ages and backgrounds. Plus, when beer-lovers leave the festival with your branded merch, they help spread visibility for your brand.

So what kind of beer swag should you offer? Wearable items, such as t-shirts, caps, and totes are always popular – and practical – ensuring your brand gets seen time and time again. If you’re looking to keep things within budget, keyrings, bottle openers, coasters and beer badges are a perfect option for festival-goers on the move and make great take-home souvenirs and gifts.

4 Tips To Attract Beer Lovers

As you gear up for your next festival, incorporate some of the tips above to attract current and future beer lovers and make the most of the festival season. From unique food pairings and extraordinary venues to inventive partnerships and custom swag, these ideas are bound to enhance your festival and pump up your festival attendance.

Author: Rosemary McKee

Rosemary McKee is an Account Manager at Rocket Badge, the UK’s leading badge manufacturer. With more than 22 years of experience, clients have come to depend on Rosemary’s efficiency and outstanding product knowledge to help them select the ideal badge for their promotional campaigns.

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