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A Successful Social Media Workshop with Hospitality Table Cornwall

A Successful Social Media Workshop with Hospitality Table Cornwall

Company News - Hospitality Table Cornwall

On the 10th May 2019, we were delighted to work with Hospitality Table Cornwall to provide a Social Media for Hospitality Workshop for their event.

Hospitality Table Cornwall hold these events to support businesses and to give them access to relevant courses that are bespoke to their needs. Giving back to local communities and encouraging learning are key areas we are passionate about supporting, and we were delighted to be able to offer our help and experience and add our course to the event roster.

Held at the Kenwyn Lecture Theatre, Truro, and we had half a day (1pm to 4pm) to help our attendees discover more about the digital marketplace, how to optimise their social profiles, create effective strategies and handle reviews.

Our founder and CEO Dawn Gribble put together a fully inclusive course package designed to help Beginner or Intermediate marketing professionals, managers and those responsible for implementing the social media strategies for their business.

The course was designed to walk attendees through the processes of how and why you use social media, and what you need to be doing to get the best results, with highlights on some of the newer technologies and innovations that are making an immediate impact on the industry.

It was a brilliant event, with fantastic energy and enthusiasm from both Hospitality Table and the attendees. Dawn was welcomed warmly and had a fully engaged audience who were a joy to speak with.

After the event, we were delighted to hear that Eat Drink Sleep said, “The course covered all areas of social media in hospitality. It was bite sized and easy to digest.”

Marketing Apprentice Niki Tpc Thomas said, “Dawn hosted one of our social media courses for our Hospitality project and delivered a 3 hour talk to over 15 different businesses (30 people) at our base location. She was extremely approachable, knowledgeable and opened up the lecture style course for any questions throughout urging people to use their phones alongside her when showing different tools. As a marketeer myself, I’ve taken lots of tips and stats away from this course and will use in my everyday work. I’d highly recommend Dawn and hope to have her back again in the future! :)”“

And Hospitality Table in their article on the event revealed that, “All of the other businesses in attendance said that their expectations for the course were either fully-met or exceeded and highly praised Dawn’s teaching approach.”

We want to thank Hospitality Table Cornwall for giving us the opportunity to speak at their event, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and are glad that your guests did too.

We are currently working on the inclusion of more training sessions, self-learning courses and consultation opportunities as Virtual Solutions continues to grow and will be undertaking further development in this area throughout 2019 and 2020.

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