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Advantages of Remote Working

Advantages of Remote Working

Advantages of Remote Working

Advantages of Remote Working

Remote working is not new, but it’s exploded in popularity in recent years. If many businesses had their time again, we know they’d want to utilise it as much as possible. Not only does remote working allow a company to establish a base of operations in more locations, but it also means they aren’t limited by geography. This is especially important when it comes to recruiting the right team members. Physical distance is no longer the barrier to success it once was.

Virtual Solutions do indeed have a head office, situated in Barnstable, Devon. It’s one of the most beautiful and sought-after areas in the whole of the UK. Although we also have remote representation in the North of England, another region which is synonymous with areas of outstanding natural beauty. This, of course, also means tourism and hotels, which is why it’s important for us to be represented there too.

As we said earlier, Virtual Solutions is now Global. We now have a busy office in the United Arab Emirates, New York and another office in Guildford UK. Virtual Solutions even has team members in the Philippines and various other locations. Having staff in different time zones can be very advantageous. It allows us to collaborate on projects, then when it gets late, to pass the baton to a colleague who’s still got plenty of hours left in the day. Once they retire for the evening, we’re up and back in the saddle!

Remaining Productive

This approach means we’re always within reach and available to our clients. We understand that coronavirus has caused a great many companies a lot of difficulty in recent weeks, and sadly the challenges are set to get more extreme before they get better. If you’re a restaurant or hotel who’s been affected and is in need of marketing support, then feel free to reach out to us.

It’s during times like this when staff may fall ill leaving you short-handed. Or your agency becomes less responsive due to them suffering the same issue. Virtual Solutions is still functioning, in fact, we’re more active than ever. If you need a consultation from us on how we may be able to support you, then pick up the phone or send us an email. We’ll be ready

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