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The Ultimate Bar and Restaurant Social Media Strategy

The Ultimate Bar and Restaurant Social Media Strategy

The Ideal Combination for the Ultimate Bar and Restaurant Social Media Strategy

The Ultimate Bar and Restaurant Social Media Strategy

The concept that people eat with their eyes has never been truer in our modern Digital Age. For those in the restaurant business, it means putting together a plate of food that looks as good as it tastes. In the digital world, it means posting pictures and videos of food that look so good people have to try them. That’s when they turn to Google and social media.

Every bar and restaurant must be on social media, and they should have a solid social media marketing plan in place. The competition likely has one of their own. Even if the competition isn’t on social media, the customers definitely are. Not being on social media means missing out on getting new customers, spreading brand awareness, and getting lots of great free publicity.

Where to Begin with a Social Media Strategy

Which Social Media Platforms to Join?


There’s no doubt that Facebook is the ultimate social media platform for integration. It is the largest platform with the most diverse audience. Customers are able to leave reviews for your page, check-in at your location, upload photos and tag you, and message you with their questions and comments.


This goes back to eating with our eyes. Instagram is purely built around photos, and food photos are very popular on the platform. Just think about how many times you’ve been eating out yourself and seen someone taking a quick picture of their food. Where did that picture end up? Instagram, most likely.

Google My Business

This isn’t your typical social media platform, but it is important for businesses because it adds legitimacy. It puts your business on Google Maps, allows for photos of the business to get tagged through GPS, and opens the door for Google reviews; which many people read through when searching for a business on Google.

Social Media Engagement

Content to Post

Content is truly king for social media. It’s at the heart of any restaurant social media marketing strategy. Everything is about image here, so how does one put together the best possible picture?

  • Good natural lighting
  • Bright and colourful
  • Good filter choice
  • Don’t forget the importance of angles

When it comes to actual content, don’t overlook hashtags. #FoodPorn is one of the best food-related hashtags on social media. Keep up with the latest hashtags and make use of them yourself for big exposure.

Don’t forget about any photos that you’ve been tagged in too. It’s your customers doing some free advertising for you. Just one hashtag or tag with your name in means you get lots of free exposure.

Overall, you want to make it something attractive, funny, and worth stopping to see.

The Best Time to Post

In general, it’s best to post during the morning commute, during breaks,  sometime during lunch, or early in the evening. If you had a great dinner offer for example, you’d want to post it up around 5:30, when people are leaving work and are ready for something delicious.

Restaurant Hashtags

Get Checked-In

An important part of restaurant social media marketing is they are places people can tag the location when posting pictures and brag about being there.

This is great for restaurant and bar owners because it allows them to be seen by even more people. It’s similar to reviews as well, but with – again – a much larger audience.

Be Alert

Be sure to follow other users, keep up to date on trends, memes, and food challenges. Put together a list of the most relevant hashtags and accounts that you follow.


Talk to your fans and customers. Be sure to respond to any reviews and comments you get, and don’t forget to like and share the posts and photos they tag you in. Social media is all about starting, and having, conversations.

If you need help setting up the perfect social media marketing strategy for your bar or restaurant, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to see what we can do!


Digital marketing has become one of the most important ways of attracting potential customers, establishing brand awareness, driving direct bookings and maintaining customer loyalty.

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