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Coronavirus Briefing for the Hospitality Industry

Coronavirus Briefing for the Hospitality Industry

Virtual Solutions bring you the latest news regarding COVID-19 and its impact on the Hospitality Industry. All stories sourced by Virtual Solutions.

UK Government’s EatOutToHelpOut scheme comes to an end. The unprecedented initiative which allowed customers to receive a 50% discount from their food bill ended on the 31st August. Its goal was to help the restaurant trade recover from the damage done by COVID-19, something that lots of businesses feel the scheme has helped achieve. Many restaurants will continue to offer discounts throughout September and October, only without Government funding. Read more here.

Businesses in the UK still “operating at half-capacity”. According to a recent survey from the British Chamber of Commerce, many UK firms are still not yet back to operating at full, pre-COVID capacity. The data suggests that the “forecast is still gloomy” and much more work needs to be done for UK businesses to recover fully. This also includes the UK job market. Read more here.

Travel industry poised for exciting recovery. Travel industry insiders have predicted that the sector is set to bounce back in new ways, saying it “will look a lot different after the pandemic – you’re going to love it”. A new wave of business travellers is expected to appear as different organisations alter their approach to make way for ‘digital nomads’. The news suggests that remote working may continue once the pandemic is over. Read more here.

Britain’s high street shops are steadily recovering. Data from the Local Data Company shows that an average of 29% of UK high street shops have remained closed since lockdown restrictions were eased in early July. However, the rest have reported a gradual increase in profits since re-opening, but some regions are still suffering from local lockdowns as the battle with the virus continues. Get a full breakdown of these figures by reading more here.

Mental Health advocates encourage mass awareness following COVID-19. World Mental Health Day falls on the 10th October 2020, with many organisations keen to use the date as a launching pad to kick-start new interest and investment in mental health measures. COVID-19 has also caused many silent or unseen casualties as people have struggled during the pandemic. It is hoped that WMHD 200 can lead to new awareness on a massive scale. Read more here.

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