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Brand Communication for Hotels – Overview

Having a strong brand image that stands out from the crowd and is memorable to your guests is vital for the success of your hotel. Creating and maintaining that image requires a clear vision, dedication and a consistent approach.

Your brand identity is one of the first things a potential customer will engage with – it draws their attention, encourages them to engage with you and learn more about your venue and what it can offer.

How you brand yourself requires more than just a well-designed logo or attractive colour scheme – Brand Communication is about having an engaging personality for your venue, which is easily recognisable to your audience, and underpins the look, voice and motivation of everything your business does.

Our Brand Communication Experts are here to help you take your brand vision and share it consistently across your digital channels. We will evaluate your current Brand Image, social standing and your customer engagement levels, to produce a personalised Brand Communication Strategy for your hotel – ensuring that it fits your needs, and is designed to help you achieve your business goals in the short, medium and long term.

Benefits of Brand Communication for Your Hotel

  • Increased Recognition from Guests and Potential Guests
  • Allows your Staff to Focus on Providing a High Standard of Service Offline
  • Increases the Effectiveness of Advertising Campaigns
  • Enhanced Financial Value
  • Provides a Targeted Focus for User Generated Content and Content Marketing Strategies
  • Elevated Level of Trust from Consumers
  • Increased Positive Brand Sentiment
  • Identifies and Utilises Unique Selling Points to Elevate Brand Above Competition

Although your venue isn’t a person – your brand needs to have a personality that visitors can understand, connect with and feel emotionally compelled to engage with. We ensure that your brand values, motivations and voice are clearly delivered to your visitors, which increases the potential for more engagement and bookings, turning visitors into customers.


Brand Communication for Hotels – Insights

The Importance of Branding Your Hotel

Studies have shown that businesses who implement a branding strategy experience more benefits than those businesses that haven’t. Having an optimised and correctly targeted branding strategy for your hotel is vital.

Your brand is what tells your guests who you are, what you believe in and showcases the factors that makes you unique and the best choice for their needs. Customers want to connect with businesses that understand their needs, and deliver on the promises the brand makes. Having an effective Brand Communication Strategy in place for your Hotel allows you to deliver relevant information to your customers, and encourages them to engage with you.

Branding your Hotel to stand out from the crowd and be successful can be a complicated procedure – there are a number of different steps you must take to appeal to your customers, generate trust and loyalty, and appeal as the best option in a crowded marketplace.

With other accommodation options gaining traction in the market, it is crucial that your hotel is positioned to draw in new guests, retain current ones, and stay visible and relevant across all areas where your guests may wish to engage.

Whether your hotel is looking to establish itself, improve its current online presence, adopt a new look – or boost its appeal above the competition, our services are individually designed and optimised to suit your specific needs.

Our Branding Experts have personal experience of working within the hospitality industry, and combine this with the latest technology, data analytics and a creative flair to bring you a Branding Communication Strategy with heart, that appeals to your guests on a number of levels and helps your hotel brand grow from strength to strength.

We will identify your key aims and the motivations of your venue – whether you’re looking to increase bookings, advertise new services, or launch a new promotion, we will aid you in communicating your brand voice, values and message to your guests with maximum impact.

We create an optimised cohesive strategy for your hotel that works to promote your vision, values, communications guidelines, ethical standpoint and mission statement.

We help you to ensure that your audience know exactly who you are, what you offer – and why you are the only hotel they need.