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Content Marketing for Hotels – Overview

In such a crowded market, where customers have an enormous freedom to choose, your hotel needs to stand out to be seen and engaged with. When making their booking decisions, consumers look at quality, brand values, the experiences of others, and what a venue can uniquely offer them.

Social Media and dedicated review sites allow for research and recommendations at the push of a button or swipe of a finger. Often what will differentiate one hotel from another in the mind of the customer is how well they’ve performed in the past – and how up-to-date the venue keeps their social channels and website.

Having engaging, entertaining and educational content that is consistent, relevant and timely can make the difference between a potential customer browsing or actually making a booking.

The Benefits of Content Marketing for Hotels

  • Promotes Your Venue to Customers
  • Drives Interested Traffic to Your Webpage and Social Media Channels
  • Improves SEO Rankings
  • Increases Enquiries and Bookings
  • Drives Optimised Integrated Marketing



Hotel Content Marketing Insights

Having an optimised and highly targeted Content Marketing Strategy for Your Hotel allows you to engage directly with your target audience, and offer them consistent, relevant and valuable content that showcases what your venue has to offer, delivers your brand message, and informs why your hotel is the best choice to meet their needs.

By giving your audience insights into your venue, the services it offers, and what customers can expect when they visit – you are educating, entertaining and engaging with your target audience and increasing your opportunities for enquiries and additional bookings.

Virtual Solutions believes in offering a 5 Star Service as Standard, and our 5 Star Hotel Marketing Strategy approaches this by:

  • Posting Researched and Relevant Social Media Content
  • Generating and Cultivating Interesting and Engaging Blogs
  • Displaying Instagramable Photographs
  • Making Full Use of User Generated Content (UGC)
  • Creating Videos and Other Promotional Materials to Best Display Your Venue

The content you share across your Social Media Channels plays a key role in turning visitors into paying customers. By creating a Unique Brand Personality for Your Hotel through your content and engagement, you are encouraging guests to remember your brand above others, look to you for their hospitality needs, and share with others your current promotions, new service additions, special offers, events and hospitality package deals.

Whilst it is vitally important that your digital channels are updated regularly, it must be done with high quality content that reflects and displays the values and personality of your brand. There must be a minimum standard of quality that your content meets every time – one high quality piece of content will rank higher in ratings, engagement and general interest than ten mediocre ones, and it can actively damage your brand reputation and social standing if the content you are sharing is considered click-bait, irrelevant or insensitive.

We understand that you may not have the resources freely available to produce this kind of high class content on a regular business, especially when managing the day-to-day operations of your hotel and meeting guest expectations on location.

Virtual Solutions is here to help you deliver an exceptional digital experience to your guests.

Before we start working on a Content Creation Strategy for Your Hotel, our team of Content Creation Experts will look at your venue and brand as a whole – who your guests are, what they are expecting from booking with you, and where they are visiting online. We do this investigative work to determine not only who your audience are – but what type of content is resonating with them, and how we can make this work for your hotel.

We then carefully craft content that reflects your brand values, and delivers your voice. Unlike some, we don’t produce reputation-damaging ‘click-bait’ or ‘filler’ content that has simply been generated for SEO purposes. Customers want content that not only attracts their attention and interests them, but delivers on its promises, and this is what we will provide them with on your behalf.

Our highly qualified Content Creation Team use years of industry experience, the latest technologies and a passionate flair of creativity to generate:

  • Blogs and Articles
  • E-Books and White Papers
  • Social Media Posts Across All Applicable Channels
  • Announcements
  • Press Releases
  • Infographics
  • Relevant Images and Site Graphics
  • Video Content
  • And Much More

All of the Content we create for your Hotel is carefully constructed around researched and relevant keywords or phrases, and will add value to your channels. We ensure that images are chosen to compliment the content, and showcase your venue in the best possible light.

Our content is designed to work in harmony with your business strategies, and sees your business grow as a result.

Virtual Solutions works to ensure that all content generated is the highest quality, meets and exceeds your customer needs, and conveys your brand voice and values clearly and consistently to your audience.

For Content Marketing to function at its best, it should be a part of a complete Inbound Marketing Strategy. We will help you create this for your hotel, and assist you in:

  • Determining Who Your Customers Are and What They Want from You
  • Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience Across All Platforms
  • Identifying and Using Information to Create Content that Will Satisfy Customer Needs

We will generate individual buyer personas specifically for your hotel – mapping out the customer journey and building a comprehensive strategy that includes content and inbound marketing approaches for your brand.

We work with you to define a clear branding strategy and identify your short, medium and long term goals. We then create a sustainable approach to improving the position of your brand and achieving your business goals.

Whether your hotel is looking for a fresh approach, a brand new strategy, or is constructing one for the very first time – our Experts are here to help you achieve your goals in a comprehensive and cohesive manner.

We work in partnership with your business to nurture and develop a long-term relationship with you and your customers – we know that investing in content, understanding your guests and meeting their needs is a long term and ever-changing process, and we take a hands-on approach to ensure that your customer needs are being consistently met and exceeded.

We develop a deep understanding of your brand and the needs of your guests, and ensure that everything published on your Social Media Channels meets their needs and yours – delivering high quality content that your guests will be regularly checking in to see.


"With an abundance of energy and thorough subject knowledge Virtual Solutions has helped our new business develop its online presence. They continue to guide us on our journey with humor and tenacity; being flexible to our evolving needs. Can highly recommend."

Eliot Seaborn-Wren

Owner, The Carlton