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Customer Experience for Hotels – Overview

In such an extremely competitive market, your relationship with your potential customers begins before they make themselves known to you. With digital technology making research and recommendations available to everyone at almost any time, your venue needs to be able to provide customers the information they need, when they need it, every time they need it – over every channel they want it.

Delivering on customer expectations with a strong, responsive team – who are dedicated to the success of your venue, will see more enquiries handled, an increase in overall bookings, and an increase in consumer trust.

Our Expert Team at Virtual Solutions are highly trained in managing Customer Experience needs – every member has had personal experience in working in food and beverage and hospitality industries – giving us unique insights that we put to work on your behalf.

Our service is 5-Star as standard, and we ensure that you and your customers benefit from an exceptional customer experience that leaves a lasting positive impact.

Benefits of Having Customer Experience Strategies for Hotels

  • Premium levels of Customer Service
  • Increased Enquiries and Bookings
  • Enhanced Brand Image
  • Increased Brand Recognition
  • Growth in Positive Sentiment and Recommendations
  • Reduction in Complaints and Negative Reviews
  • Increased Customer Loyalty and Retention
  • High levels of Customer Satisfaction
  • Cultivate Valuable Partnerships and Opportunities

We use the latest technologies and a passionate dedication to the success of your brand to promote your venue directly to the public, network with Influencers and connect you with relevant business partners.

We ensure that you are kept up-to-date with consumer sentiment, current trends that may impact your venue, and any hot-spots or issues that need your attention.


Customer Experience INSIGHTS

Customer Experience for Hotels – Insights

We understand that the day-to-day running of your venue doesn’t leave much time for digital concerns – you’re largely focused on the guests in front of you, and ensuring that your hotel provides them with a first class, unforgettable experience. It may not seem like a cost effective, practical idea to take staff away from their areas of expertise and have them handle the complicated task of managing online customer experience.

But in such a highly competitive and fast growing industry, where customer experience and engagement are becoming one of the main deciding factors before booking – you simply cannot afford to ignore the online customer experience your brand should be offering.

Recent reports have shown that 36% of unhappy customers will actually go out of their way to ‘shame’ a brand on Social Media if their needs aren’t met, and with hotel occupancy levels expected to drop to approx. 70% in 2018, your business needs to ensure that happy customers are becoming brand ambassadors, and promoting your hotel to friends, family and social peers.

By working with Virtual Solutions, you are investing in your brand’s future. We bring years of dedicated experience, qualifications and a deep understanding of the hospitality industry on a number of levels.

Your brand will benefit from a direct targeted approach that combines this experience with technology and carefully cultivated connections. We will engage with your audience across digital channels and manage their expectations – allowing your staff to focus on the jobs they’ve been trained for.

Customer Engagement and Experience is a continually evolving process – with Social Media channels, review sites and recommendation platforms offering real-time engagement, it is vital that you are positioned to answer your customer queries at the earliest opportunity – with so many competitors realising the importance of a fully developed customer engagement and service strategy, you can’t afford to be left behind.

To understand your position and level of service, we will evaluate your current customer engagement methods and how well they are performing. We will then identify who your existing customers are and how they, and future clients, prefer to communicate. We will then implement solutions that service this need.

Consumer Trends and Expectations are Changing for the Hospitality Industry

Whether you’re looking to draw local interest for corporate bookings, or bring in more tourist trade – investing in and building relationships with your customers to create Brand Champions is extremely beneficial for your business. When your clients are happy and engaged with your brand, they will recommend you across social connections, and directly to friends and family.

By building brand authority, trust and visibility – your brand will generate more enquires and bookings.

Consumers read an average of 7 reviews before deciding on a business (up from an average of 6 in 2016). And 49% of consumers need at least a four star rating before they choose a business.

It is vital that your brand has a strong, responsive online presence that stays relevant in the consumer consciousness and is seen to be actively engaged with customer needs.

Customers expect you to be responsive and take a genuine interest in their concerns, queries and comments. When their needs are met quickly, courteously and consistently, they will reciprocate with increased bookings and recommend your establishment to others – creating loyal advocates who promote your venue at no additional cost to yourself.

When you implement measures to increase bookings and spending amongst your clients, everyone benefits.

Virtual Solutions brings you a complete multi-channel support package, that allows you to meet customer expectations and enhances your engagement with them. We take a hands-on approach to monitoring and maintaining your channels, we don’t just ‘set it and forget it’ – we ensure that your responses meet and exceed the standards your customers expect, and are delivered in-line with your brand values and voice.

Our Expert Team monitors social media mentions, emails, review and recommendation sites, and help desks, to respond to queries and ensure that potential bookings and leads are directed to the appropriate channel. We proactively engage with your customers comments, continually assess the market climate – and ensure that your brand is relevant, visible and positively received.

We will collate customer feedback for easy review, and these results will be communicated as part of the consultation process – allowing you to identify areas of weakness, customer issues, the impact of current or upcoming trends, and enhance staff training or policy where appropriate.

This process directly informs our Content Marketing and Social Media strategies, allowing us to further educate, entertain and engage with your audience.

We use these channels to gauge sentiment, answer general questions and put procedures into place to liaise with your team to determine special offers, promotions and key areas to focus on.

We create a highly personalised and individually designed Customer Experience package for your venue and brand, to give the highest level of service and attention to you and your customers.


Even after just a month working with Virtual Solutions, we feel very lucky to have found them. They are consummate professionals with vast experience and they absolutely know their stuff inside out. Brilliant communication with us, and it feels like we’ve been working together forever. Absolutely brilliant and we look forward to working together for a long time to come.

Alex Mitchell