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Influencer Marketing for Hotels – Overview

With so many venues and packages available, customers sometimes feel overwhelmed by the choices on offer and look to others for ideas, inspiration and recommendations. The opinions offered by Influencers can make a measurable impact on the attitude and decision making process of potential guests.

Connecting with the right Influencer is an important step – your business will only benefit if you are engaged with an Influencer who has integrity, who will give an unbiased and honest opinion, and who is aligned with your brand voice and values.

Influencer Marketing for your Hotel can generate increased visibility, credibility and the levels of trust in your brand with an audience who are highly engaged and meet your customer profile, increasing interest, enquiries and bookings as a response.

Our team of Influencer Marketing Experts will assess the needs of your venue – and if it is part of a chain, the overall brand vision and needs, and connect you with Influencers who are appropriate, and have passed our vetting procedures. We then use our targeted metrics to gather useful data, and let you know how well your hotel is doing.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing for Your Hotel

  • Stimulates Brand Awareness
  • Creates a Buzz Around Promotions, Events, New Services and Venue
  • Increases Positive Media Exposure
  • Builds Positive Sentiment
  • Helps to Identify Areas of Weakness or Improvement
  • Offers a Unique Insight to Your Venue from a Professional Customer Point of View
  • Enhances Your Overall Brand Image
  • Creates An Association Between Your Brand and the Influencer
  • Encourages New Customers to Engage with Your Brand
  • Re-Connects Previous Guests with Your Brand
  • Generates Consumer Authority and Brand Champions
  • Increases Effectiveness of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

When Influencer Marketing is implemented and run correctly, the strategy gives your Hotel a cost effective platform for advertising and engaging with an audience who are interested and engaged with the services you offer.

Virtual Solutions takes a pro-active approach to Influencer Marketing. We liaise with you and the Influencers before, during and after the campaign. We identify any issues, help you create action plans and learning points – and ensure that your Hotel is represented in an honest, authentic and encouraging light. We do not censor our Influencers – if they identify issues, we work with them and you to make improvements, and ensure that the Influencer sees your brand at its best.


Influencer Marketing for Hotels – Insights

The Importance of Influencer Marketing for Your Hotel

Virtual Solutions has carefully developed and nurtured connections with local Hospitality Influencers, who cover Hotels, General Lifestyle, Food, Drink, Restaurant & Dining Experiences, and Travel Experiences.

We work together with our connections to ensure you have the best possible Influencer coverage, and will be showcased to your target audience.

We take great care in selecting the Influencers we work with – we look at their social standing, their schedule of posting, motivations and ethical responsibilities, transparency and compliance with service obligations, trend forecasts and their relevance and impact in the market as a whole. We then select the most appropriate connection for you – and build a relationship on your behalf, saving your business the time, effort and resources of doing it yourself. We position you to benefit from the exposure delivered by the Influencer.

We understand that when you work with an Influencer, your reputation is tied with theirs and their morals, values and actions are seen as a reflection of your business beliefs. Our Influencer Marketing Experts ensure that all of our Influencers are open, honest and well-established – giving your brand a human-face that people know and trust.

We use our years of experience, and the latest technology to assess all of our Influencer candidates, and you can be certain that ‘freebie hunters’ and ‘time wasters’ have been eliminated from our selection. We also monitor our established Influencers, to ensure that they maintain the standards and practices we require before connecting them with you.

Before engaging the services of our Influencers on your behalf, we work with you to create a brand strategy for each individual hotel – identifying areas that should be promoted, recent successes and upcoming events or unique features that may interest your audience, and determining how your brand image and voice need to be delivered to them.

We then connect you with an Influencer who holds the same values and ethical motivations, and can offer your hotel the best benefits of association. We manage their engagement with you, so your brand can benefit from their experience and connections as soon as possible.

Using our optimised and carefully monitored services will help you avoid working with self-proclaimed Influencers or Bloggers, who don’t have the influence they claim, and are just on the lookout for free experiences, or those who set out to deliberately smear a brand.

We create connections with Influencers who are engaged with an active audience that matches your target consumer profile, and who generate content that is interesting, relevant and maintain a high standard of quality.

We insist that our Influencers are authentic, open, honest and transparent and will not accept anything less. When using Influencer Marketing, if a customer gains a negative impression of the Influencer, it will affect those who are associated with them – and can actively damage the brand.

By being open and honest about the experiences they’ve had with your hotel and the services it provides, we are able to collect valuable, actionable data and specifically targeted feedback which you can incorporate into your business plans, and strategies to keep you on trend and on the cutting edge of customer expectations.

Our Influencer Marketing Experts at Virtual Solutions specialise in creating long-term campaigns to endorse your brand. We work to reach new communities and create valuable relationships that generate higher quality marketing and advertising potential.


Great to find someone with real initiative! Thanks, excellent work throughout.

Brian Scott