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Mystery Shopper for Hotels

Mystery Shopping Service for Hotels

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Mystery Shoppers for Hotels – Overview

The Hospitality Industry is ever expanding, and with such a high level of competition – your hotel needs to actively offer exceptional customer experiences. Your brand needs to stand out from the crowd, and be the first they think of when visiting or recommending locations to friends, family and social followers.

Mystery Shopping allows you to obtain a customer perspective on your venue, and gives you the information you need to evaluate the experience you are giving. It allows for an open and honest discussion of current service levels, and can highlight areas where improvements could be made, should be made, or can be learned from.

Operating a strategically tailored and monitored Mystery Shopper evaluation can aid your hotel in not only meeting customer expectations – but exceeding them, which in turn will see more return guests, greater customer loyalty and an increased bottom line.

The Benefits of Mystery Shopping for Hotels

  • An Open, Honest and Un-Biased Appraisal of the Venue and Services
  • In-depth Report on Current or Growing Issues
  • Constructive and Creative Feedback that is Specifically Tailored for the Venue
  • Customer Perspective on the Success and Relevance of Current Promotions
  • Evaluation of Current Processes, Personnel and Services
  • Allows for Strategic Data Driven Planning to maximise the Customer Experience
  • Indicates Changing Trends and Expectations from the Customer toward the Venue
  • Increases the Competitive Advantage of the Venue
  • Allows for Detection of Deficiencies in Service in a Confidential Setting
  • Reveals Areas your Brand should be Highlighting and Promoting

To ensure you receive the maximum benefit from the Mystery Shopper, we will consult with you before they arrive, to determine your specific requirements. We compile a comprehensive checklist of these needs – as well as key operational areas that are to be covered, including quality of the room, staff service, check-in and out procedures, hygiene, price and general atmosphere.


Mystery Shopping Insights

Mystery Shopping for Hotels – Insights

  • Maximise Your Hotel’s Profits
    When you are pursuing a specific vision for your hotel and the services it provides, it can be easy to lose sight of customer wants and expectations – especially if they differ from what you want to be offering. Mystery Shopping provides you with targeted feedback and evaluations of what is working and what isn’t, from a customer point of view.
    By balancing your needs against those of the customer, you will be able to create a balanced and sustainable strategy that satisfies both yourself and the customer – maximising your profits in the process.
  • Position Yourself as a Market Leader by Engaging with Customer Feedback
    When potential customers check out your services – they more often than not, are influenced by the thoughts and opinions of previous guests. Feedback is absolutely vital for the success of your hotel – it gives you actionable data that can be used to decide on new avenues of approach, amending current ones – or discarding them completely. However, feedback is only truly useful when it comes from an un-biased, honest source who don’t feel compelled to answer with anything other than the truth they believe in – for example, a Mystery Shopper is covered by anonymity, allowing them to be honest in reporting on areas which work well, those that need some level of improvement, those that need immediate attention, and any areas that require re-evaluation or ceasing entirely.

We use the latest digital innovations and technologies to research and collate data to inform our decisions, so you can see at every stage that your strategies are working with the expectations and requirements of the market.

By practicing active listening and adopting relevant changes, your guests will see your hotel brand as an industry leader – a venue that cares, adapts and changes with their needs, making it far more likely that they will remember you for their hospitality needs, and recommend you to their family, friends and on their social networks.

Mystery Shopping allows you to monitor standards of service, quality and the performance of your staff in a cost effective, customer-centric manner. It allows you to identify your strengths, focus on eliminating any weaknesses, and better understand the customer journey from discovery to check-out, and beyond their stay. It also allows you to determine how you are performing in the market as a whole, and directly against your closest competitors.

Our Mystery Shopping program is highly personalised to your needs, and will aid in training your staff to delight your guests, and provide the exceptional customer experience you need to get ahead.

We take into account your expectations, minimum requirements, and industry standards to create surveys and strategies that will gather the targeted information you need to work with. Our Clients have been exceptionally pleased with the positive impact the Mystery Shopping program has had on their venues, employee engagement, customer experience and overall brand growth.

We will meet with you to discuss the set-up of the program, and focus our strategy on the individual needs of the hotel. For brand chains, this can be done on a location by location basis – and the information compared not only to the project targets – but to the other venues, so you can gain a clear insight into your brand.

For all Mystery Shopping programs, we implement a weighting and scoring system – determining which areas are most important to you before we start, and taking these into consideration when the Mystery Shopper reviews your venue/s.

Virtual Solutions will provide you with regular reports and clearly defined statistics, so you can monitor your customer service levels and track performance anonymously. We will devise and agree with you, a schedule of visits that can be arranged weekly, monthly or quarterly and operate over a set period of time.

We will make the initial preparations, including the guest brief, spending limits (if appropriate) and provide you with a measuring facility for inter-venue competitions and excellence awards for staff.

We work with you to determine quality control values, and then apply these to each venue – checking that the service provided fully reflects the brand image and standards. We will confirm that your staff are promoting the products and services they have been instructed to promote, and that any advice or information they are giving out is not only accurate – but conforms to any relevant legal requirements.

Whether you are newly opened, well-established or part of a larger chain – we will help you devise an optimised Mystery Shopping strategy that gives you the most valuable actionable information.

Unlike many other Mystery Shopper programs, which solely operate offline – Virtual Solutions understands that your online presence and digital platforms plays a vital role in the satisfaction of your customers, and the delivery of your brand message. To give an exceptional experience at every level, it is crucial that every stream of your engagement with your audience is optimised and managed.

Our Online Mystery Shopping Program has been specifically developed to evaluate your Social Media and Customer Service touchpoints from the point of view of a prospective guest. This element of our service includes using these channels to request information such as – querying booking procedures, requesting room information, advice on accessibility, etc.
We engage with your staff to measure efficiency, accuracy, turn-around time and the overall standard of performance for your website and social media channels.

We also offer the ability to assess and evaluate the performance of any Live Chat services you are providing. We will test the functionality of your system – looking at availability, efficiency, speed and quality of the response, and accuracy of the information given.

Virtual Solutions are passionate about providing an exceptional customer experience across all platforms – and our dedicated Mystery Shopper program will give you quantifiable accurate data that is relevant to your individual venue needs, in a way that is clear about how to put it into action.

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