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Hotel Reputation Management

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Reputation Management for Hotels – Overview

The reputation of your hotel is one of the key factors that set you apart from your competition – when visitors make their booking decisions your reputation needs to inspire trust, loyalty, and recommendations.

Reputation however, is fragile – the time, effort and resources you’ve put into developing and nurturing it can be wiped away in an instant if you don’t have efficient Reputation Management put in place to deal with issues, crises and taking the time to engage with your satisfied customers.

For your hotel to stand out from the competition, thrive and grow – it needs Reputation Management that is optimised, flexible and consistent.

The Benefits of Reputation Management for Your Hotel

  • Increased Bookings and Profits
  • Attracting and Retaining Highly Qualified Staff
  • A Reduction in Costs
  • Increased Levels of Consumer Trust and Engagement
  • A Sustainable Growth of Positive Reputation
  • Targeted Promotion of Your Hotel to Interested Consumers


Reputation Management INSIGHTS

The Importance of Reputation Management for Hotels

There have been many Hotels that have had their reputation dissolve around them because they have failed to manage their reputation – they have either responded too slowly, or not at all, and paid dearly for it, when they’ve left themselves at the mercy of their most unhappy customers.

With alternate accommodation options and a huge level of competition in the market providing customers with a readily available alternative, online reviews, ratings and comments carry enormous weight in the Hospitality Industry. Potential Guests use these sites and services to decide whether they want to book with you, or somewhere else.

Effective Reputation Management will aid you in improving your brand image online, connecting directly with potential guests, and reducing the impact negative social media content has on your brand.

Handling a negative review is not a simple matter – you cannot leave it unattended, and assume that once it is no longer visible, that people will ignore it. When making their booking decisions, many customers will actively seek out negative comments, and form their initial opinion of your hotel on whether there are repeat issues, common complaints – and whether or not the hotel has taken steps to engage with the feedback and the reviewer.

When you leave these issues unattended, your potential customers will assume the worst – even if you have dealt with the problem raised in the review, you need to be seen to be dealing with it online as well.

When it comes to Reputation Management for Your Hotel, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) needs to be considered. If potential guests are searching for specific terms, and an unattended negative review is the first result they see – their impression of your brand and hotel will be tainted before they even consider engaging with you.

Our Reputation Management Experts take a hands-on approach to Reputation Management. We track SEO functions using keyword analysis, customer sentiment, page rankings and by monitoring your presence on popular review sites such as TripAdvisor. This gives us the ability to identify potential hotspots, and implement Reputation Restoration Techniques at the earliest possibility – giving you the power to protect your brand image and be seen as engaged, caring and customer-centric.

We provide a comprehensive Reputation Management Program for your hotel, tracking mentions of your venue across social media, review sites and forums. We use the latest specialist software to identify usage of your brand name, sentiment, and other key search terms that could impact the reputation of your hotel.

We will also identify your immediate competitors and analyse their digital activity – so you are better placed to understand the wants, needs and expectations of your guests.

Our Reputation Management service provides on-going consultancy to help you optimise your internal communications and manage reputation risks from within.

We respond to reviews quickly, professionally and politely – delivering your brand voice on your behalf, ensuring that your guests feel that their comments have been addressed, and that they have been personally engaged with. We help defend your hotel brand against ‘trolls’ and defamatory content levelled against you. Whenever possible, we will help you remove inappropriate, unsubstantiated and untruthful content from blogs, social and professional media profiles, review platforms, press and forum sites.

We work to actively identify new opportunities, and address the root cause of any customer complaints, then use this feedback to provide you with a report you can use to aid in staff training, streamlining operations, identifying areas of change or expansion, and ensuring that your hotel exceeds customer expectations.

Reputation Management isn’t just about dealing with the negative reviews – it’s about engaging with your happy customers as well. This is a step that many reputation management firms simply don’t offer, or ignore. We ensure that positive reviews are responded to as well – this not only doubles the positive sentiment being expressed, but it builds confidence and a rapport with your guests, enhances your brand reputation and gives search engines twice the amount of content to index for SEO.

We work with you to create a personalised PR and Content Strategy for your venue that is highly effective in getting your hotel and brand talked about in a positive fashion. Our team of experts use their years of personal experience, the latest technologies, data analytics and connections with reputable Influencers to specifically target content for maximum exposure, and a positive impact with your target audience.

We identify, claim and enhance all local listings – such as those on TripAdvisor, and ensure that you have consistently relevant information available to your guests – including up to date contact information for your venue and any specific departments, correct location details on Google Places, check in and out times, opening and closing times for on-site restaurants or services, and a clearly defined ‘Contact Us’ procedure in place for direct enquiries.

We know that your Hotel reputation is important – and will do everything in an open, honest and transparent fashion, so you can be confident that your reputation won’t just be maintained – Virtual Solutions will look after your reputation so you can see it thrive and grow.


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