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Hospitality Highlights 11th May 2020

Hospitality Highlights 11th May 2020

Hospitality Highlights

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Holiday resort company Sandals introduces a new health and safety scheme. Called the ‘Platinum Protocols of Cleanliness’, the popular holiday company hopes this initiative will give guests the confidence to return to their resorts in the wake of COVID-19. With social distancing measures being relaxed in some regions, Sandals are keen to attract customers and want them to feel and be safe at every site. Read more about this story here.

Drones are being considered to transport supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic. The UK skies could soon be populated by drones delivering urgent food and medical supplies to those in self-isolation. It’s believed that technology could represent an effective solution to helping those in quarantine. Prior to COVID-19 shops and restaurants were already experimenting with drones to deliver food and the pandemic could expedite such plans. Read more here.

Hotel companies around the world are putting new cleanliness and hygiene procedures in place. A growing list of hospitality companies are revamping their health and safety guidelines and practices to make sure they are ready for an “anticipated travel surge”. Although the measures are also to make sure guests can travel with confidence. Many people will continue to self-isolate out of fear even after restrictions are lifted. Read more here.

Online influencers are feeling the strain of coronavirus in unique ways compared to the rest of us. Creators rely on leaving the house and travelling to different locations then sharing this content with their followers. Who may then do as they do. But under lockdown, many have needed to change their content focus in an effort to keep followers engaged. Read more about how here.

What are your thoughts on the spread of coronavirus or any of the other stories from today’s briefing? Share them in the comments below.

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