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Hospitality Highlights 12th March 2020

Hospitality Highlights 12th March 2020

Hospitality Highlights

The influence of Michelin may be coming to an end according to an article by Restaurant Magazine. While the findings confirm we are not yet living in a post-Michelin era, the system itself is starting to exude less control over the industry when compared to days gone by. For decades a Michelin Star has been an indicator of excellence, but in the age of social media and ‘citizen journalism’ a Michelin Star now means a lot less than it used to. The article concludes that “the hierarchies that Michelin helps maintain” are far from broken down yet, but consumers may be moving beyond the “Michelin mindset”.

TikTok is a game-changer for influencer marketing, taking the baton from Vine and Instagram. The two platforms that arguably started the influencer marketing craze. Although since Vine folded and was considered a failure by the industry, it did encourage and enable ‘micro-vlogging’. Now TikTok is taking the world by storm since it launched in 2017. At the time of writing the platform can now boast over 800 million users. This is 600 million more than Vine had when the platform closed, meaning TikTok is indeed the future for influencer marketing and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Frustrated airlines blame the media for a slump in bookings. While there certainly has been plenty of misinformation shared during the coronavirus outbreak, the virus has been arguably sensationalised by word of mouth rather than inaccurate news reports. The hospitality and travel industry have suffered a temporary loss in profits as a result, so it’s understandable that airlines will be frustrated. But critics have argued that by blaming the media, airlines risk trivialising the crisis which could put travellers at more risk.

The coronavirus outbreak is having an impact on hotel cancellation policies.  According to MSN, hotels are needing to be more flexible with guests who are cancelling their trips due to fear of travel, caused by coronavirus. While this will doubtless be having a negative impact on the hospitality industries profits, the situation may be out of their control. Many hotel companies have an extenuating circumstances policy when it comes to cancellations, but it’s never been used on quite this scale before.

What are your thoughts on the spread of coronavirus or any of the other stories from today’s briefing? Share them in the comments below.

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