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Hospitality Highlights 15th April 2020

Hospitality Highlights

Hotels in Beijing are asking guests to verify they are free from COVID-19. Many hotels in China are now open again after the spread of coronavirus has been largely contained. But hotels are asking guests to verify they are free from infection by showing their negative test results on arrival. Coronavirus is still a threat in China and new cases are appearing. These measures are likely to be in place for a long time to come and may be exported globally. Read more here.

Business travel seems set to bounce back according to reports from an industry insider. The editor and founder of The Daily Lodging Report Alan Woinski expressed his view on the industry saying he expect business travel will return before leisure travel. This is because leisure travellers will be more likely to wait until the virus is gone completely because their trips are not necessary for business purposes. And that some companies will be keen to travel as soon as they are able. Read the full interview here.

Popular hotel chain Accor group have revealed their own loyalty programme. The hospitality group has announced the scheme will be called Live Limitless and will also offer various live streams including trainer-led workout videos, live DJs, cooking lessons from popular chefs and other media. The scheme will be shared via the hashtag #AllatHome during the coronavirus pandemic and will be shared via popular social media platforms. Although the scheme is expected to continue after the pandemic too. Read more here.

The UK Government has been asked to offer more support to seasonal workers. Many of which do not qualify for help from the Government under the Job Retention Scheme due to the nature of their work. Currently employers in the hospitality sector can cover up to 80% of an employee’s wage (up to £2,500) but this does not apply to seasonal workers. The call has now become a petition on Change.org which at the time of writing has over 70,000 signatures. Read more here.

What are your thoughts on the spread of coronavirus or any of the other stories from today’s briefing? Share them in the comments below.

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