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Hospitality Highlights 15th May 2020

Hospitality Highlights 15th May 2020

Hospitality Highlights

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UK Government sets the 1st July as a target for some parts of the hospitality industry to open. It depends on the success of social distancing measures across the country in the meantime.

PM Boris Johnson stated if the UK fails to meet these targets, “we will try again until we get it right”.

The government is expected to reveal more about these plans soon. Read more about this here.

A new task force has been set up by Government ministers to safely reopen the hospitality industry.

The team has been set up to facilitate the opening of the UK’s pub and restaurant trade as safely as possible. However, no aspect of the hospitality industry will be open sooner than the 1st July. The Government still hopes that the sector will be crucial to boosting the UK economy and setting the path to recovery when the time comes. Learn more here.

ITC Hotels become the latest hotel chain to introduce a new cleanliness initiative.

ITC have launched their ‘WeAssure’ scheme. This means each site will be accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare providers (NABH).

This certification will allow the company to verify its venues are run to the highest standards of health. By aligning with a company that normally assesses hospitals and medical facilities, ITC is putting in place measures to ensure customer confidence. Read more here.

McDonald’s is preparing to re-open many of its UK sites as Drive-Thru venues only.

The company is also preparing for life after COVID-19 by introducing a series of new health and safety measures, including changes to the layouts of many of their restaurants.

The plan is to move tables further apart and make sure that all staff are equipped with up to date PPE, ready for when they re-open to sit down diners. Read more here.

What are your thoughts on the spread of coronavirushttps://virtual-solutions.co.uk/coronavirus-briefing-for-the-hospitality-industry/ or any of the other stories from today’s briefing? Share them in the comments below.

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