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Hospitality Highlights 21st April 2020

Hospitality Highlights

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The UK Government reveal a “Three Stage” exit plan to coronavirus lockdown measures.

While the Government have not said when such a plan will be put in place, they do know how said plan will be executed. The first stage involves opening up schools and some businesses. The second would be the relaxation of social distancing measures followed by more businesses opening again. The final stage involves distribution of a vaccine and declaring the pandemic defeated. Read in more detail here.

Hospitality will be among the last areas to reopen following the halt of coronavirus according to Michael Gove. The Government fears that if they were to open the floodgates and allow people back into bars and restaurants the good work done by social distancing could be undone. China fell afoul of this once they tried reopening and the UK doesn’t want to repeat this mistake. Read more about this interview here.

China has reopened after containing coronavirus, but people are still avoiding public places. The country where COVID-19 originated has now seen its cases dwindle to only a few new cases a day. Efforts to open the country in early April saw a rise in cases and social distancing was implemented for a second time. But now China is once again open for business, but its people are still behaving cautiously and avoiding bars and restaurants. This causes more challenges for the hospitality sector, which was hoping for an influx of customers. Read more here.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has launched a crowdfunding campaign to support SMEs in London. The scheme will also help people who work in the hospitality industry especially freelancers and small business owners during the coronavirus pandemic. Many people work alongside the hospitality industry rather than directly in it, and their work also helps it function. The plan is called Pay It Forward London and the link can be found here.

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