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Hospitality Highlights 26th June 2020

Hospitality Highlights 26th June 2020

Hospitality Highlights

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Industry body UKHospitality welcomes the UK Government’s ‘pragmatic and flexible’ reopening guidance. It was announced on the 23rd June that the hospitality industry will begin the gradual process of reopening on the 4th July. UKHospitality have ‘warmly welcomed’ the Prime Minister’s statement and the subsequent guidance that has been released to help hospitality businesses to reopen safely. The aim is for each business to open but in a manner that is ‘Covid secure’. Read more here.

Health experts have warned that the end of lockdown on the 4th July ‘is not risk-free’. The experts have confirmed that the ‘rules must be rigorously kept to’ if the UK is to avoid a second spike of coronavirus this summer and keep the ‘R rating’ down. Where the Government’s update has been largely welcomed by the hospitality sector, there are many health and safety advisers who worry it risks undoing the work that’s been done to fight the virus so far. Read more here.

An open letter published in the British Medical Journal has urged the UK to prepare for a second virus wave. The health and safety experts, which includes the Presidents of the Royal Colleges of Nursing, Physicians and GPs, has warned Government ministers to conduct a review to determine if the UK is prepared for the “real risk” of a second spike in coronavirus infections. They have called on the Government to re-think their strategy if they are not properly prepared. Read more here.

Scotland will be opening its pubs and restaurants from the 15th July. The update was provided by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on the 24th June. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Scotland has displayed an extra air of caution regarding the virus, implementing changes to lockdown measures slower than England. Read more here.

What are your thoughts on the spread of coronavirus or any of the other stories from today’s briefing? Share them in the comments below.

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