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Hospitality Highlights 28th April 2020

Hospitality Highlights 28th April 2020

Hospitality Highlights

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People in the UK would feel uncomfortable returning to restaurants according to a new poll. The new poll conducted by YouGov showed that 57% of Britons who took part would feel uncomfortable going out for dinner at this present time due to COVID-19 fears. This echoes recent events in China which saw the country open its restaurants only for them to continue to sit empty. The population was clearly still concerned about the virus suggesting more time is needed. Read more here.

Nando’s to supply 1,500 free meals for front-line NHS workers. The popular chicken restaurant has reopened a small selection of sites based on their proximity to nearby NHS buildings or hospitals. Their aim is to cook exclusively for the NHS workers while the coronavirus crisis is ongoing. Read more about this story here.

Just Eat and UberEats join forces with sandwich chain Pret A Manger to boost delivery. The partnership means that the chain now has arrangements in place with the nation’s three biggest delivery companies, as they already had a partnership with Deliveroo. Read more here.

Bakery chain Greggs plans to reopen all sites by July. The company known for its pies and pasties is planning on reopening 20 select sites in May as part of a controlled trial. After assessing the results, they plan on gradually reopening more sites, until all 2,050 are operational by July. Burger King and other restaurant chains have also committed to similar plans. Read more here.

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