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Hospitality Highlights 29 Feb 2020

Hospitality Highlights 29 Feb 2020

Hospitality Highlights February

Airbnb has revealed the top cities in the world used for wellbeing focused trips. Holidays that are all about relaxation, such as spas, meditation and yoga retreats, all the way to vegan cooking breaks all have their top spots according to a report by the rising online hospitality company. Sedona in the United States wins the top spot for meditation retreats while it’s Mexico City that’s attracting people for ‘vegan tourism’. Helsinki has also been included for ‘forest bathing’. Many of the destinations seem focused on Europe and the Americas, with Asian nations not seemingly being included. Perhaps due to it being primarily where Airbnb is operated.

Europe’s hotel industry has received positive results in the three key performance areas throughout January 2020, according to a report from STR. This report is focused on currency generated by occupancy. It measures occupancy itself, the average daily rate, and the revenue per available room. In a nutshell, these numbers (shown as percentages) have all increased in January 2020, suggesting the hospitality industry in Europe last month was healthy in spite of the challenges the industry is currently facing.

Hotel chain Best Western has expressed their confidence in the British hotel trade despite confusion around Brexit and the threat of Coronavirus. In an interview with Hotel Magazine, the company has reiterated it’s “commitment to the British high street” with continued investment and the opening of more sites around the UK. The company presently operates 260 hotels throughout Britain and seems optimistic about the future of the industry and its own place within it. While the political and economic climate is uncertain, Best Western is choosing to view it as an opportunity rather than a hurdle, suggesting the hospitality industry is strong.

The classic beef burger is “back in the spotlight” according to restaurant-hospitality.com. While many restaurants are focusing on sustainable food and plant-based menus, many chefs are looking for new innovative ways to jazz up the time tested beef burger by replacing the beef patty with brisket, ribs and melty raclette. It seems like the death of the beef burger as one of Britain’s favourite foods has been greatly exaggerated.

Hotel investment in the UK reached 6 billion pounds by the time 2019 ended according to a new report by hotelowner.com. Confidence in the sector has remained strong despite the confusion and uncertainty that reigned throughout the final quarter of 2019. While Brexit is indeed still a concern for the industry, and it remains to be seen what the lasting impact will be, so far the hospitality industry has remained resilient as 2020 has progressed.

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