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Hospitality Highlights 3rd March 2020

Hospitality Highlights 3rd March 2020

Hospitality Highlights

Drone Manufacturer Mana has created what they call ‘the world’s first aviation-grade drone delivery platform’. Essentially, the company have created a drone that’s capable of collecting a takeaway from a restaurant, then fly it directly to the customer’s door. Manna CEO and founder Bobby Healy hopes that the technology will “transform online food marketplaces, restaurants, dark kitchens, and communities globally”. Although trialled by some restaurants currently Ireland, such as Dublin based Camile Thai, the technology seems some time away from a worldwide roll-out. Check here for an interview with Bobby Healy.

Hospitality website Intercontinental have revealed what they consider to be the most iconic sensory experiences available to tourists. They’ve advised travellers what sights, sounds, smells and tastes they should go out of their way to experience in 2020. From the smell of fresh bagels in New York City to flavours of Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Road, the list includes many ideals holidaymakers may not have considered. The list provides a fantastic amount of information and tips which will all serve as inspiration for holiday destinations not just in 2020 but well into the future. To see this amazing list in full click here.

Social media site LinkedIn has confirmed that it will soon be launching a ‘stories feature’ in a similar vein to Facebook and Instagram’s. The platform, which is designed to be a social networking site for our professional lives as opposed to our personal lives, has grown in popularity in recent years. But despite its unique selling point, it’s still lagging behind its competition in terms of active users. While the platform has no intention of changing or compromising its purpose, it would benefit from some more features that will help it become the social media site of choice for a certain type of person. For the full story click here.

Coronavirus – How restaurants can prepare. With coronavirus likely to cause a disruption to the lives of many regular people, experts have stressed that careful planning and food safety practices will reduce the risk of infection. They’ve also released further advice on how those who work in the restaurant and hospitality trade can better prepare in case the virus spreads, and if it does how they can prevent it from spreading further. A lot of the advice is down to basic hygiene and cleanliness, but we would recommend everyone who follows us read this article for a greater understanding of how to keep coronavirus at bay.

Saudi Arabia’s tourist visa operation is on hold for now. The Kingdom have confirmed they have taken the step as a precaution to stop the spread of coronavirus. The ban is intended to be temporary and presently has been levied against those coming from Europe or other parts of Asia. Travel and tourism are important to Saudi Arabia, but currently, the Kingdom feel a temporary ban on tourist visas is the best and safest way to prevent unnecessary infection throughout the region. To learn more about the ban click here.

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