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How to Make Your Hotel Stand Out on Social Media

How to Make Your Hotel Stand Out on Social Media

How To Make Your Hotel Stand Out On Social Media

How to Make Your Hotel Stand Out on Social Media


Social media is massive. There are around a billion people actively using Facebook and Instagram, and some 336 million people actively using Twitter each month, and these numbers only continue to grow.


Social media isn’t going anywhere soon, so hoteliers must understand the best ways to use it and how to make their hotel stand out on it.


Social media is one of the best tools for marketing a hotel. Use social media to solidify the identity for your brand, reach out to potential customers, and spread your name to the masses.

Here are some tips on how to make your hotel stand out on social media

1.Take Great Pictures


A study from Microsoft Canada has shown the average attention span is falling. It was around 12 seconds in 2000, and in 2017 it was down to 8 seconds. This decrease, combined with the Age of Scrolling, means that getting attention as quickly as possible with eye-catching imagery has never been more important.


  • Owning a smartphone that has a good camera built in means hoteliers are able to take great images for social media whenever they get the chance; whether it’s an impressive sunset or the Christmas tree being decorated.
  • Instagram stories are a fantastic way to show the world the day-to-day happenings at the hotel. Instagram posts allow you to show some great images of the inside and outside of the hotel.
  • It’s still worth investing in hiring a professional photographer to capture the real essence of the hotel. Plan out photoshoots with capturing the attention of scrollers in mind and be sure to take new photos each season to keep the images current.
Social Media Is One Of The Best Tools For marketing A Hotel

2.Build a Following

It can be tough to build up your following, but it’s still a vital step as having a large audience behind you is a great review of your business in and of itself.

  • Considering have competitions where people can win a night in the hotel for two by following your page and sharing the post about the competition. You’ll be giving away a room for free, but you’ll gain more followers which means getting more bookings.
  • Be sure to engage with followers. If someone posts a photo of the hotel, give it a like and a comment. If they send a question over Twitter, answer it as soon as possible. This kind of engagement makes you stand out and be more appealing and encourages followers to become guests.

3.Create Interesting and Informative Blog Content


These days it’s not enough to just advertise your services. Companies across every industry are using the internet to share their thoughts and feelings on a range of topics, and you need to join them.


Hotels should get their own voices heard by running – and updating – their own blog and news sections on their website. This also helps to establish a personality for your hotel. Each hotel has their own story to share and this is a great place to share the things that make your hotel so unique.


  • Hoteliers can post interesting content to make them stand out as experts. Make posts about the latest updates in the industry, offering your opinion and some commentary on the situation shows that your hotel is up to date with current trends and sets you apart from the competition.
  • Much like with social media, you want to avoid being too stiff with the tone. You want to take an amusing and entertaining approach to blogging. Posts should be chatty in tone and broken up with a proper structure including subheadings.
  • Be sure that your blog is linked to across your social media channels. This brings in new traffic and potential guests. Blog posts give your search engine optimization a real boost too, so make sure to use keywords when posting.
Each Hotel Has Their Own Story - Share The Things That Make Your Hotel Unique


What’s great about using social media like this is that it’s all free.


No matter whether you own a small and chic B&B or run a massive hotel complete with golf course and spa, you’ll be able to get more bookings by taking care of social media.

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