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How to Encourage Meeting Room Bookings

How to Encourage Meeting Room Bookings

How to Encourage Meeting Room Bookings

How to Encourage Meeting Room Bookings


If your location sees many business and corporate travellers, there’s clearly a demand for access to meeting facilities. Even so, meeting rooms don’t get booked to their full potential in most hotels. To get the most out of the investment you’ve made in building meeting rooms and other corporate facilities, you have to get more business guests to book with your hotel.

Here are some tips on how to encourage meeting room bookings for your hotel.

1.Combine the Best Talent with the Best Technology


Your clients will always want the best possible service, whether they are holding a major meeting or something more intimate. They want it all to go smoothly. As long as you are able to deliver on the promises you make, clients are sure to come back for more and will also recommend your hotel to other businesses they know. Hire event professionals that know how to ensure meetings go well and give them the technology and tools they need to ensure your hotel hosts the perfect meetings.

Clients Are Coming To Check Your Website to learn more about business

2.Connect with Partners

Networking is an important part of any business. It allows your business partners to help encourage bookings for your meeting rooms. Let meeting planners, travel agents, and other event professionals know your hotel is ready to host business events. Ensure your partners have the information they need to refer their corporate clients to your hotel.

Given that networking involves a give and take relationship, be sure to enquire as to how you can help your partners to reach their own goals and follow through on your promises. Making someone else’s job easier means that they will remember you and go above and beyond to make your life easier and get you business.

3.Leverage the Internet to Show Off Your Facilities


Clients are going to check your website to learn more about your business and facilities before they book anything. If you have a complete website that includes a list of all amenities, updated photos, and information on corporate meeting packages, you’re sure to amaze any prospective clients.


To better bring in a diverse range of clients, be sure to break meeting facilities down into packages to accommodate any size event. Not only does this help you get more corporate business for your hotel, it also allows you to hold several smaller events at once; exponentially boosting meetings income.

If You Aren't Getting Many Bookings For Your Meeting Rooms It Could Be A Sign You Need To Change Your Approach

 4. Allow Clients to Reserve Meeting Rooms Online or Send a Contact Form


One of the main reasons that hotels are missing out on events and meetings is a lack of follow-up. It should be easy for clients to reserve a room. Integrate an online booking function, offer a contact form for clients or – better yet – do both.


Being able to accept bookings online will save the meeting planner some time, but it might not be suited for every facility. If you don’t let clients reserve meeting rooms online, at the very least you need a standard follow-up procedure put in place.


The best practice is to have a follow-up call or email within 24 hours. Implementing this simple step alone can be enough to drastically increase how many meetings are booked at your hotel. Consider the fact one meeting broker complained just under half (46%) of their clients didn’t hear anything back from the hotels they contact about booking a meeting with, or they heard back too late.

5. Experiment With a Range of Offerings


If you aren’t getting many bookings for your meeting rooms, it could be a sign you need to change up your approach. Given the increase in the mobile workforce, there’s new demand for small scale, per-hour room rentals. Offering this small approach can allow you to pack in a lot of small meetings, each with 50 or less attendees, and offer food and drink services too.


Think about the meeting facilities from a business perspective. Offering a company everything they need to have a great meeting painlessly allows you to increase how many bookings you get, not to mention your revenue.


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