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Interview with MissingLettr Founder Ben

Making the Most of Your Blog Content:
An Interview with MissingLettr’s Founder, Ben


Having great blog content is increasingly more important when increasing your reach and customer engagement rates. But once you’ve got your content out there, what else can you do with it?

MissingLettr is an innovative platform that takes your blog, and turns it into actionable content, creating automatic social media campaigns that drive traffic for an entire year.’  With the created content being fully reviewable, you’re able to create engaging content at a click of a button, whilst still be certain that your brand is expressed professionally and with a consistent voice.

Today we’re speaking with Ben, the founder of content creation site MissingLettr, about the site – what it does now, how it came about, and what their plans are for the future.

The Interview:

Hi Ben, thank you for joining us today. Please can you tell us a little about yourself and your social media background?

I’ve been involved in the online and tech world for 10+years. I ran a web agency (recently acquired) for 8+ years, helping tech startups launch their own products.

I’ve also launched a number of SaaS businesses, one of which was acquired in 2016.

What was the inspiration behind Missinglettr?

Through my time at the agency, I found that the majority of our clients were really great at writing content – they were, after all, leaders in their own right within their given industry. When it came to promoting their content though, I discovered a prominent trend.

Some would tweet about the new blog post the day after publishing it. An even smaller percentage might remember to tweet about it again a week later, but that’s pretty much where the marketing outreach would end.

And you saw this as a major reason for failing strategies?

It was clear to me that the reason most of us fail to successfully market our blog posts was not down to a lack of knowledge (anyone can schedule a sequence of tweets in Buffer) but due to a lack of consistency. We’re human after all – which means that means that maintaining consistent, lasting habits are difficult to instal.

It was at this point that I started dreaming up a solution that on the one side, would make use of and maximise the thought you’ve already invested in your blog posts and then use that in an automated way and over a long period of time, to promote your blog posts across your social channels.
Missinglettr was born.

Just how important is it for companies to have a blog? Are there any other methods you would suggest?

Ultimately, any marketing content (and wider strategy) should be aligned with your strengths. If you’re great at speaking and interviewing people in a live scenario, then podcasts might actually be the best channel for you. Blogging is not always the answer.

That being said, blogging is perhaps one of the most effective channels (on average) across the board. Almost anyone can create content, the costs are essentially minimum and the returns can be incredible. To that end, blogging is a powerful marketing tool that I would argue every company should consider.

What do you have planned for MissingLettr in the future?

We’ve big plans for MissingLettr over the coming year.

Primarily our focus is on improved content suggestions, so you’ll see a lot of improvement in this area. We’ll also be rolling out a number of enhancements to our branding capabilities as well – enabling you to completely customise how you want your social marketing content to look and feel. Later on, in the year we’ll be launching a mobile app and our Instagram integrations. Lots of exciting stuff to come!

Thank you for talking with us today Ben, we wish you and MissingLettr all the best in your upcoming eendeavours

To find out more about MissingLettr and the range of services they provide, please visit their website.

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