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Interview with Khawar Jamil

Interview with Khawar Jamil

My name is Khawar and I am 27 years old, an online entrepreneur by profession and also co-blog at www.dxbblog.ae along with my wife; Madeeha.
The reason we started blogging was we always loved to share with our friends and family who were keen to learn more about Dubai, places to visit, things to do, foods to try etc… so we thought it would be easy for us to simply create a blog and share our experience with everyone through a totally new blog where we share a little about our personal lives.

What are your thoughts on the Food & Drink scene in general?

The best thing about the UAE is that you can find the whole world’s cuisines here.. In my opinion Dubai is the world’s food capital! If you are a foodie, Dubai is your playground, you can find almost anything.
You always find something you haven’t tried before in your life, as it is a constantly evolving scene.

What are the Top 3 factors that customers consider before choosing a place to eat.

1. Food quality, Taste
Since there are so many options for people to eat form in UAE , You have to have something which brings back people to your place.
2. Customer service
If you have good customer service, people are more likely to return and refer.
3. Ambiance
It doesn’t always have to be super fancy. A clean, nice and simple ambiance can always attract more customers for you. Restaurants which represent a specific culture always attract more customers.

How important are mobile apps and social media in the decision making process.

In this age people love to read reviews and get the third opinion before visiting a place and thats what social media and mobile apps do .. Also its always important to make sure customers have access to your menu everywhere..

How could F&B businesses in the UAE improve their service both online and offline?

Its very rare to find F&B businesses taking full advantage of what today’s internet age has to offer.
I personally think there is much more to learn for the F&B businesses to learn in this part of the world. The biggest problem i have seen is lack of awareness about proper usage of internet to improve your businesses specially in F&B sector .. How or where to spend your online marketing budget online and those who do spend mostly end up wasting their budget without any positive results so I think the best way to improve the F&B sector’s online service is to learn more about online marketing and knowing how to get things done.

What predictions do you have for future F&B trends?

Personally I feel like everything will go online soon and those who don’t adopt the new technologies or can’t keep up will be left behind.
We will see more online ordering and maybe in the future we will have pre-ordered online meals for inside dining? Who knows?

Where can we find you online?