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Interview with Sachi Kumar

Interview with Sachi Kumar

Sachi Kumar runs the successful ‘WhereSachi’ Blog where she shares her passion for food and travel with her followers. She explores the lesser publicised areas of Dubai, which often leads to great experiences and interesting stories to tell.

Her aim is to show her audience that there is more out there to see than just what is popular online, and since she believes that writing is synonymous with food – she started blogging.

She is an ardent food lover, a social media addict and a dreamer – taking her to places unknown.

We’re discussing with her, the Food and Beverage (F&B) scene in Dubai.


What are your thoughts on the Food & Drink scene in general?

It has flourished so much, there are so many trends coming and going and that’s the best part.
I really like the part where food cultures from across the world are making their way to Dubai and we are traveling the world through eating food!

As a food blogger and as a food lover, there is so much variety and so many options! It’s unbelievable!

What do you believe are the Top 3 factors that customers consider before choosing a place to eat?

I would say:
1. Word of mouth and Instagram food influences .
2. Reviews on external third party website – such as Zomato.
3. Price and the convenience of location.


How important are mobile apps and social media in the decision making process?

They have definitely become and an integral element of the decision making process for an individual to make a decision.

There can be two extreme viewpoints –
1. Where mobile apps and social media have so much content, all information a consumer needs to make a decision whether it would be the ideal place for them to dine
2. Where consumers are bogged down with noise of information, which makes it difficult for the consumer to choose what to and not to believe.

However, I still do believe it has provided the consumers the convenience of information on their fingertips which is extraordinary.

 How could F&B businesses in the UAE improve their service both online and offline?

Online – I would say make it simple, no one likes complications.
Make it easier for the customer and I promise they will come back again and again ( of course, food and quality are other factors altogether
Offline- Back to basics – Service and Food.
Focus on the integral part of the business instead of fluffing it up, it’s the essential factors that will help a venture succeed

What predictions do you have for future F&B trends?

A lot healthier turn of things, considering how the UAE is now sitting back, and realizing that they need to know what they need and be diet conscious. 

How can we connect with you?

Website – www.wheresachi.com
Instagram – www.instagram.com/wheresachi
Email – sachi.kumar@hotmail.com