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Interview with Tanishq Joy

Interview with Tanishq Joy

Tanishq blogs about food on her own, and as one half of the ‘Famished Couple’.
She describes herself as, ‘ A person who would eat something right now than write a witty one liner here.’ She likes to indulge in a good meal to comfort her soul.

Please tell me some about yourself and why you started blogging.

I am an aerospace engineer by qualification and in my 2nd year of engineering with a lot of free time on hand, my best friends gave me an idea on how to use that time productively.
I took it up and decided to start writing ‘reviews’ of the restaurants I visited in Chennai and then made food blogging /reviewing a staple during my years in Chennai, India.

From a hobby it became a passion and I continued the same when I moved to Mumbai first and then to Dubai.

Career-wise my ultimate goal is to see myself as an airline pilot and currently, I am working my way towards it. I want to be the flying foodie because being @thesublefoodie wasn’t enough for me.

What are your thoughts on the Food & Drink scene in general?

The Food & drink scene has been revolutionized in the last 5 years or so. With the dawn of social media, ‘apps’ became accessible to almost everyone and this started the journey of people posting their everyday life on social media. Everyday life included food and beverage and who doesn’t want to see a good looking dish or an appealing drink that is trending right now. An example of this is coffee at Starbucks, everyone wants to put a picture of their coffee on the Gram now.

What are the Top 3 factors that customers consider before choosing a place to eat?

When I review a restaurant, I have 3 factors in deciding whether I’m going to visit the place again or not. So I stress upon these factors in my reviews so customers make an informed decision about choosing where to eat.

My number one factor has to be Taste.
Who doesn’t want to have finger licking food.

My 2nd most important factor would service.
I’ve been to so many restaurants where the server wasn’t paying attention to the order or forgot to take the order itself. No one likes to wait especially when they are hungry.

My last point would be ‘VFM’ or value for money.
As much as we would like to eat till our heart’s content, we still have to keep a check on our pockets too.

How important are mobile apps and social media in the decision-making process?

The dawn of Mobile Data and WiFi now being accessible to almost everyone, social media plays the biggest role in making sure that a person picks the right place for him or her to eat.
We all look at our friend’s social media account to see if a place was rated highly by them or not.

Mobile Apps like Zomato or Deliveroo are making food from kilometers away accessible to anyone across the UAE.

How could F&B businesses in the UAE improve their service both online and offline?

For F&B to improve their service, they could collaborate with bloggers here in the UAE who get true opinions out on social media. It could prove an influential tool on what the general public’s demands for the restaurant are and where they’re slacking so they can improve where it matters most.

Where Can We Connect with You Online?


My own page about food and lifestyle blogging – the instagram handle is @tangojuliet29.

Famished Couple Instagram –

My zomato handle is @thesubtlefoodieand