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Maximising a Switch to Takeaway During COVID-19 for Future Restaurant Marketing

Maximising a Switch to Takeaway During COVID-19 for Future Restaurant Marketing

Maximising a Switch to Takeaway

Maximising a Switch to Takeaway During COVID-19 for Future Restaurant Marketing

While the majority of restaurants have had to remain closed during COVID-19 shutdowns, takeaway has still been allowed to operate throughout – and it’s been popular.

Once restaurants got over the shock of having to majorly pivot their operation to a socially distanced option, providing a takeaway service offered huge opportunities to connect with customers on a lasting basis.

Continuing to operate with take-away functionality will allow restaurants to reach new customers, boost their brand awareness and begin to create that all-important customer loyalty ready for when things bounce back.

Restaurants Can Leverage Guest Wi-Fi for Future Marketing

Waiting to get into supermarkets, shops and to pick up takeaway orders has quickly become a prominent feature of everyday life – and most people will pass the time on their phones.
This is a great opportunity for restaurants to utilise their existing guest Wi-Fi, laying the foundation for powerful future marketing.

  • Building a database of email subscribers. While customers are waiting for their takeaway, they can be asked for their email in exchange for access to Wi-Fi. This will allow restaurants to begin a conversation with new customers, beginning the loyalty creating process.
  • Increased customer insight. Wi-Fi marketing is a powerful way to generate lasting customer insight and loyalty. Restaurants can maximise wait time at takeaway pick up by building up a demographic profile of users when they log into guest Wi-Fi, strengthening future marketing segmentation.

Restaurants Can Generate Powerful SEO Content with Takeaways

Social media has become an essential marketing platform for restaurants, with diners sharing engaging photos and videos of themselves enjoying the in-house dining experience. This content is important – as well as creating a visual feast across social media grids, customers use location hashtags and geo-filters. These are vital for increasing brand awareness and boosting SEO rankings.

While restaurants are closed, takeaways can provide opportunities for user-generated content; the experience is just pivoted to an at-home one. Restaurants can capitalise on this by ensuring their takeaway options are presented with social media in mind (think colour, neat presentation and restaurant branded packaging), encourage uploading pics of the home dining experience and keep engaging with customers.

Humanisation is the Key to Powerful Restaurant Storytelling

Interesting, emotional content always outpaces the bland, neutral stuff; and that’s especially true for restaurants. Venues must humanise their brand messaging with top storytelling.

Luckily, the great thing about restaurants is that they’re full of people, and with that, their stories. Restaurants can leverage this by showing the people behind their pandemic takeaway operation on Instagram or Snapchat, from chefs and delivery drivers through to customers at home.

This humanisation tells a great story, sharing what makes every restaurant unique. Powerful storytelling creates engagement, and that’s the essential first step to customer loyalty.

Takeaway Options Boost Social Proof for Restaurants

Social proof is a classic marketing technique used by restaurants, harnessing the power of other people acting as brand ambassadors to attract other customers.

This includes encouraging customers to post content showing them enjoying a restaurant and creating a buzz with restaurant tags and check-ins across social media such as Instagram and Snapchat.

But restaurants can maximise the power of their takeaway operations further; simply by asking customers to leave reviews once they’ve enjoyed their takeaway meal.

Encouraging reviews on food delivery sites, Facebook and a restaurant’s website not only boosts SEO rankings, but it taps into the basic premise of social proof; people want to do what other people are too.

Great reviews are powerful drivers of customer behaviour, laying the foundations of increased footfall when restaurants can reopen.

To Wrap Up

Takeaway services have proven to be a popular option during COVID-19 closures. But while they’re an important way for restaurants to survive right now, offering takeaways is also a powerful way to strengthen marketing for the future; creating loyal and engaged guests ready to visit in-house.

Hannah Hambleton writes for Beambox. Beambox is a guest Wi-Fi provider, combining fast guest Wi-Fi with a customer marketing platform to give restaurants, hotels and retail businesses the tools to use customer insight for lasting loyalty.

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