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Our process

Our Experienced Team of Food & Beverage, Restaurant and Hospitality Marketing Experts has developed a proven 3 Step Process that will enhance your online presence and ensure that it matches the high level of service you offer at your venue.

Our Process

Step 1 - AnalysisThe first step is a full analysis of your service both offline and online. We do this so we can see how your business operates from a customer experience and marketing perspective.

We’ll visit your premises anonymously to evaluate the offline experience.


For restaurants, this involves visiting at both lunchtime and evening and placing an order for delivery where applicable. Our report will include (but is not limited to) ambiance, cleanliness, menu, food quality, staff knowledge, interactions, digital experience and responsiveness on your website, email and social channels. 

For hotels, we’ll book a 2-night stay and assess everything from making enquiries, booking procedure, check-in, cleanliness, facilities, dining experiences, amenities, room service, check out and digital experience. 

We don’t rush this process as the results are vital for identifying the various factors that comprise your operations. We’ll work with you to report on any other areas of importance not mentioned above.

It aids us in:

  • Assessing current levels of performance
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Providing detailed feedback on brand perception
  • Revealing new, unknown or neglected markets
  • Fine-tuning current strategies and plans to help increase market share.

We then take an in-depth approach to analysing your marketplace with:

  • Buyer Personas and Target Audience Identification
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Online Reputation and Brand Perception
  • Evaluating how your Company is performing across your Digital Channels

A thorough marketing audit allows us to analyse your objectives, understand your goals, highlights areas for improvement and provides a benchmark for monitoring future marketing activity. This will allow management to make informed decisions on your marketing and communication direction.

By conducting an impartial assessment, the team at Virtual Solutions acts as a fresh pair of eyes and an outsider’s view into your previous marketing activities and operations to assess your performance against your competitors and current industry standards.

Our analysis will help you to understand your current market position.

The Analysis includes:

  • SWOT Analysis – Examining your company Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  • PESTLE Analysis – We look at several outside factors impacting your business
  • SEO Audit – Crawl analysis, SERPs, website performance, security and optimisation
  • Social Media Audit – Channel optimisation, engagement levels, social listening, timings, content quality
  • Social Media PPC Audit – conversions, targeting, settings, landing page quality, keywords and extensions
  • Customer Experience – including communications, customer service, loyalty
  • Online Reputation – Brand perception, reviews
  • Competitor Analysis – Allowing you to gain insight into your business rivals
  • Website Experience – How your website appears and performs for your customers to ensure that your target audience will have an optimal experience
  • Objectives and Strategies­ – Objectively quantified, data-driven results that allow your business to make informed decisions going forward

Step 2 - StrategyUsing the information gathered in the audits we will then deliver a comprehensive marketing and communication strategy to ensure you meet your business objectives whilst providing your customers with an exceptional digital and in-house experience.

Coordinating your activities is critical to eliminating interference and maximising your profits, whilst effectively communicating your company message.

Our marketing strategy covers all areas of your brand activities and ensures that each technique is optimised – allowing all of your departments to be aware of what each is doing, and determine how they need to work together for best results.

Our Strategy provides a blueprint for attaining your marketing objectives. It is the building block of a solid workable marketing plan. It is specifically designed for your business after detailed marketing research has been conducted.

A marketing strategy helps you to concentrate your resources on the best possible opportunities with the end goal being an increase in sales.

Our expertly crafted plans will :

  • Aid with Focus and Direction
  • Save time and money
  • Elevate you above your competition
  • Translate your company vision, mission, objectives, into effective Marketing Initiatives
  • Serve as the foundation for your communication campaigns
  • Improve the effectiveness of the Marketing message to guests
  • Develop consumer preference and loyalty for your brand
  • Increase profit and footfall

Using the information we’ve gathered from Step 1 we will help you determine exactly what guests want from your business, what they’re willing to pay and how you can differentiate your product or service from the competition.

We will then create a Marketing and Communications strategy including:

  • Detailed Buyer Personas
  • Social Media Channels and Best Practice
  • Mission Statement and Vision
  • Slogans and Straplines
  • Hashtag Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Marketing Targets and Projections
  • Content Marketing Plan
  • Procedures for Internal and External Communications

Step 3 - ImplementationOnce we’ve created a powerful marketing and customer experience strategy for your business, the next step is implementation.

We will provide you with a Bespoke Digital Solutions Package – which we’ll then manage for you, acting as your Marketing Department and implementing your tailored strategy directly – allowing you and your staff to concentrate on the day-to-day operations of your establishment.

We’ll keep you updated regularly with a personalised real-time digital dashboard, detailed monthly reports and weekly consultations so that we can help you:

  • Effectively plan new menus, events, special offers
  • Resolve customer issues quickly
  • Identify and track changing customer demands
  • Make guests feel important and appreciated
  • Build and nurture customer relationships
  • Keep customers coming back, with their friends and family
  • Strengthen brand awareness and sentiment
  • Enhance your image in the local community
  • Make meaningful operational decisions, and identify clear plans for progress
  • Attract and motivate top talent
  • Generate ideas to increase footfall, and fill tables/rooms during quiet periods
  • Suprise and delight your guests
  • Create memorable experiences
  • Consistently provide exceptional customer service

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