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Brand Communication For Restaurants

No matter the size of your restaurant, whether you have five tables or fifty, whether you’re a family-run pizzeria, a Fine Dining Establishment, part of a franchised chain, or anything in between, your Brand needs to be memorable for the right reasons.

Your brand identity is one of the first things a potential customer will connect with – it will attract their attention, draw them in and encourage them to learn more. Branding extends far beyond having a nice logo or an attractive colour scheme, it’s about developing a personality for your brand and venue, which is recognisable to customers and provides a unified look, voice and motivation to everything your venue does.

It’s important that you address both your Brand Design and Communication.


We evaluate your current Brand Image, Social Standing and Customer Engagement levels so you know exactly how you’re doing before we start.

Our Branding Experts then produce a personalised Brand Communication Strategy that is designed to address your unique business needs in the short, medium and long-term.


We work with you to make sure that your online look fits with your brand vision. We identify the design elements you need – from a new logo, to menu design – our Graphic Designers create a bold, relevant and stunning new look for your restaurant.




    Anis Mansouri
    November 25, 2020

    "You have done an amazing job looking after every aspect of our marketing and gone above and beyond that many times to help with other things like operations and menu advice. I cannot recommend you enough and thank you for your great work."

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