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Influencer Marketing for Restaurants

Influencer Marketing for Restaurants

Influencer Marketing for Restaurants

We work with a number of influential bloggers and celebrities, ensuring we connect you with the best influencer for your brand.


Influencer Marketing for Restaurants

Influencer Marketing for your Restaurant can boost the visibility, credibility and trust of your brand amongst a highly targeted audience who are keen to know more – stimulating conversation, increasing table reservations, walk-in diners, take-away orders and general interest in your establishment.

Our dedicated team will match your venue with appropriate Influencers and use our targeted metrics to let you know how well your restaurant is doing.

We know how important it is to work with the right person to represent your brand. For single restaurants, we assess the needs of the individual venue, and for chains we look at the overall brand vision and the specific needs of each establishment. We then connect you with an appropriate Influencer, who has passed our strict vetting procedures.

Restaurant Influencer Marketing

When used correctly, Influencer Marketing gives your restaurant a cost-effective platform to appeal and advertise to interested potential customers.

Virtual Solutions takes a hands-on approach – liaising with you and the Influencers to identify any issues, create action plans and learning points, and ensure that your brand is represented in a fully authentic and encouraging light. We do not attempt to censor the Influencers if there are issues, rather we work with them and your venue to make improvements, and ensure that the Influencer is shown the best of the brand.


  • Stimulate Brand Awareness
  • Create a Buzz Around Promotions, Events, Menu and The Venue
  • Increase Positive Media Exposure
  • Build Positive Sentiment
  • Identify Areas of Weakness or Improvement
  • Offer a Unique Insight into Your Venue from a Professional Customer Point of View
  • Enhance Your Overall Brand Image
  • Create an Association Between Your Restaurant and the Influencer
  • Encourage New Customers to Visit Your Website, Social Media Channels and Restaurant
  • Re-Connect Previous Customers with You
  • Generate Consumer Authority and Brand Champions
Dawn Gribble MasterChef
Restaurant Influencer Marketing
Restaurant Influencer Marketing

OUR Influencer Marketing for Restaurants

  • Evaluating and Vetting Potential Influencers Before Connecting You
  • Detailing What is Expected of You and Your Influencer for the Duration of the Campaign
  • Creating a Fair and Honest Service Agreement Between You and Your Influencer
  • Evaluating Hashtags and Keywords to use in Promotional Materials
  • Liaising With the Influencer
  • A Detailed Report of the Influencer’s Visit
  • Report and Data on How Influencer Followers are Reacting To Your Brand

“I rarely come across real creative talent who stand out like Virtual Solutions. Since working with Virtual Solutions, we have seen a dramatic increase in inbound leads, conversions and search engine rankings. It’s a pleasure working with them and I look forward to continue working with Dawn and the team as they enable our business to grow and reach a bigger market.”

Shev Walker

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