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Mystery Shopper for Hotels

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Mystery Shopper for Hotels

We help you streamline your processes and delight your Hotel guests by assessing your current levels of customer experience.


Mystery Shopping is a process that allows you to obtain a customer perspective on how your hotel is performing – what it’s getting right, and what it’s getting wrong. You want your hotel to be the first one that people think of when visiting or recommending to others.

By working with a Mystery Shopper, you can evaluate the experience you are giving, have an open, honest discussion of the service levels and discover any areas where improvements could be made, should be made, and what can be learned.

You need to find the right balance between what you want for the direction and future of your brand, and what your customers need. By operating a strategically formed and tailored Mystery Shopper evaluation, you can make the right adjustments to your strategies and exceed customer expectations – which will see more return guests, greater customer loyalty, more beds filled and greater profits.

Mystery Shopping for Hotels

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF Mystery Shopping for Hotels?

  • Honest Appraisal of the Hotel and Services
  • In-Depth Report on Current or Growing Issues
  • Constructive Feedback Specific to the Venue
  • A Customer Perspective on the Success and Relevance of Promotions
  • Unbiased Evaluation of Current Processes, Personnel and Services
  • Allows for a Data-Driven Approach to Improving the Customer
  • Experience
  • Indicates Changing Trends and Customer Expectations Toward the
  • Hotel
  • Increased Competitive Advantage
  • Detection of Service Issues in a Confidential Setting
  • Reveals Areas of Success and Points of Promotion

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OUR Mystery Shopper Services for Hotels

Before we send our Mystery Shopper to your Hotel, we work with you to determine your specific needs. We create a comprehensive checklist of these needs, as well as the key operational areas that are to be assessed – including the quality of the room, staff service, check-in and out procedures, hygiene, pricing, and the general atmosphere of the establishment.

Once the Mystery Shopper has visited and gathered this information, we are able to provide you with a full-report that breaks down the results, gives you actionable insights, and our recommendations.

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