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Reputation Management for Hotels

Reputation Management for Hotels

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Reputation Management for Hotels

The Reputation of Your Hotel is something you dedicate time, money and effort into building up and maintaining, it’s one of the key factors that sets you above your competition.

When customers make their booking decisions your reputation needs to inspire trust, loyalty, and recommendations.

This is the same for your digital reputation – how you appear online, what people are saying about you, and how you are presenting yourself, all have a massive impact on whether or not a customer books or goes elsewhere.

Reputation is fragile, everything you’ve invested into developing and nurturing can be wiped out in an instant if you don’t have efficient Reputation Management in place to deal with issues, crises and taking the time to interact with your customers.

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For your Hotel to truly thrive online, and get those beds filled, you need to have Reputation Management that is optimised, consistent, quick to react and flexible.

Our Reputation Management Services are designed to not just protect your reputation but to grow it and encourage more customers to see the best in your brand and venue.

BENEFITS OF Reputation Management for Hotels

  • Increased Bookings and Profits
  • Attracting and Retaining Highly Qualified and Motivated Staff
  • Reduction in Costs
  • Increased Levels of Consumer Trust and Interaction
  • Sustainable Growth of Your Reputation
  • Targeted Promotions of Your Hotel to Interested Customers
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Our Reputation Management Services for Hotels

  • Claiming and Enhancing Review Site Listings
  • Removing Inappropriate Content from Blogs, Social and Professional Media Profiles Wherever Possible
  • Responding to Reviews to Increase Positive Sentiment
  • Communicating To You Any Issues with Negative Reviews to Resolve the Customer Complaint
  • Identify the Root Cause of Customer Complaints
  • A Full Report to Aid in Staff Training and Streamlining Operations
  • Identifying Areas of Change or Expansion
  • Creating a Personalised PR and Content Strategy
  • Connect Your Brand with Appropriate Influencers

Prices From £1250 per month

“Thanks for all your help. We look forward to continuing to work with you.”

Cassie Hicks