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Social Media Management for Restaurants

Social Media Management for Restaurants

Social Media Management for Restaurants

We use the latest Social Media Tools and strategies to Deliver Bookings and Exceptional Customer Experiences with our Social Media Management for Hotels.


Social Media Management for Restaurants

Social Media has changed the way restaurants are expected to interact with customers. From the way you advertise, market and deliver customer services. Global consumers have a huge appetite for dining  – #food and #drink being two of the most popular terms used on social media, and as a restaurant operating in this highly competitive market, you need to be seated at the top of the ranking tables.

We know you have a lot on your plate dealing with the day to day running of your venue. Our full course packages enable you to have a five-star digital service without your team having to divert precious time and resources away from their positions.

Social Search for Restaurants

Before we start, we work with you to understand your driving motivations and what you want to achieve with each campaign. We will research your needs and offer insightful, targeted advice and develop a custom strategy that addresses both your needs and the needs of your diners.

We don’t take a ‘set it and forget it’ approach to your Social Media channels. As your Digital Front of House, we inspire visitors to become paying customers.

BENEFITS OF Social Media Management for Restaurants

  • Increased Number of Enquiries and Reservations
  • Increased Brand Awareness and Customer Loyalty
  • Improved Customer Service and Positive Reputation
  • Memorable Customer Experience
  • Valuable Customer Insights
  • Increased Direct Web Traffic
  • Improved Results in Search Rankings
Instagram Engagement Grades
Instagram for Restaurants
Instagram Followers

OUR Social Media Management Services for Restaurants

  • Consistent Branding and Delivery of Your Brand Voice
  • Content Creation that is Relevant to Your Audience
  • Consistent Branding & Delivery of Brand Voice
  • Optimised and Researched Hashtags
  • Content Scheduling that is Regularly Updated
  • Promotion Across Multiple Relevant Social Channels
  • Highly Targeted Ads
  • Review Engagement
  • Connections with Appropriate Influencers
  • Social Media Reputation Management
  • Social Media Channel Monitoring and Responses
  • Creative Social Media Ideas for Your Restaurant
  • Targeted Social Media Marketing for Your Restaurant
  • Regular Check-Ins and Reports on Your Strategy
  • Access to and Training on a Real-Time Dashboard to Monitor Your Analytics
  • Consultation on Promotion Ideas and Campaigns
  • Consultation on Strategy and Promotion Implementation

“We have started our collaboration with Virtual Solutions a little less than two months ago to promote our new company on various Social Media networks, and we are thrilled with the results we are seeing in such a short time! 

The team has fully adapted to our needs, style and budget, no request is ever too small or big, and they put in every effort with enthusiasm and passion to make the company grow, as well as provide further strategies and solutions for a better audience reach. 

We love their dedication, professionalism, and creative flair – they are experts in their field who we plan to collaborate with for a long time to come. Thank you for all your hard work!”

Iana Ianakieva

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