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Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising for Hotels

Social Media PPC for Hotels

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Social Media PPC Advertising for Hotels

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising offers a flexible and highly customisable form of advertising – whether you’re looking to promote your hotel, create brand awareness, share a special offer, drive traffic to your pages or even target a specific customer demographic.

We provide your hotel with a fully inclusive PPC Ad service that will get you seen by the right people, in the right place at the right time.

By putting an optimised PPC Campaign in place, your Hotel can see results very quickly – so you can develop marketing campaigns and advertising strategies that directly appeal to interested customers, increasing your hotel bookings and enquiries as a result.

Before your campaign goes live, we work with you to help identify who your audience is and determine the motivation behind your Ad campaign. We give you expert advice and recommendations and will continue to do so for the duration of the campaign, with regular reports and feedback. We ensure that any areas of interest, conflict or low-activity are brought to your attention at the earliest possible opportunity, so we can adapt your campaign to maximise your investment.

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With PPC being such a versatile advertising platform, we fully believe in taking a hands-on approach – we monitor your campaign and carry out Variation (AB) Testing on the copy, making sure that your PPC Campaign is working in-line with your budget and still addressing your needs.

We create your Ad Copy with you, manage images and make any adjustments to text, calls to action, images etc. We monitor the metrics of each adjustment so your Ad will become a combination of the most successful elements.
We don’t use corner-cutting strategies such as fake likes, followers or bots – our PPC Experts use their years of industry knowledge, experience and technological know-how to deliver you a genuine, highly targeted and successful campaign that attracts the customers you want.

BENEFITS OF Social Media PPC Advertising for Hotels

  • Cost Effective Advertising (compared to Traditional Advertising Formats)
  • Clear ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Promotes Increased Bookings and Enquiries
  • Allows Geo-Targeting
  • Increases Lead Generation
  • Venue, Brand and Promotion Awareness
  • Highly Adaptive to Your Business and Seasonal Needs
  • Encourages Sign-Ups for Newsletters and Campaigns
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Our Social Media PPC Advertising Services for Hotels

  • Audience Demographic Identification and Research
  • Creating Targeted Ad Copy, Graphics & Video
  • Campaign Management & Optimisation
  • Expert Advice & Consultancy
  • Lead Generation
  • Pixel Installation & Retargeting

Prices From £950 per month

“Great job. Professionally delivered. Virtual Solutions are great to work with. Good communication and high standard of work.”

Laurence Jennings


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