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Remote Marketing During Times of Crisis

Remote Marketing During Times of Crisis

Remote Marketing During Times of Crisis

Social distancing is now in effect to control the spread of coronavirus, and in the past 7 days the world has completely changed. On Monday the 16th March 2020, not long after the World Health Organisation officially categorised COVID19 as a pandemic, the UK government clarified its stance on the virus.

People were already uneasy about the virus, but now they were being actively encouraged to avoid public places such as restaurants, pubs and shops. In a way; this has brought the severity of the crisis to the forefront of many people’s minds. While before it may just have been something that was happening to other people on the news.

Remote Marketing for the Hospitality Sector

While coronavirus has caused a lot of people a lot of problems, the industry who may be hit the hardest is hospitality. With the government telling people to stay indoors and even closing schools and offices too, businesses that earn a living from serving customers are going to struggle. After all, no customers (or reduced customers) means less business.

Sadly, we’ve seen this unfold in front of our very eyes over the past week and according to the latest news, this situation seems to be ongoing for at least the next 12 weeks. That takes us into June, meaning such businesses are simply going to need to find ways of surviving (in a financial sense) until things improve. If they even have by that time.

While the government have confirmed over 300 billion pounds worth of aid to support the hospitality sector, this may be enough to ease the concerns of some, but not all. Some businesses are concerned about the here and now. While aid is appreciated the question of is it going to be enough has yet to be answered.

What Else Can Businesses Do?

Some businesses just need to adapt their strategies to get through this current time. Restaurants may not be able to host diners like they usually do but the good news is they can stay open while social distancing is in effect. They can still cook food and sell it to customers; they just need to do this like a takeaway would. The hard part is making customers aware of this change and encouraging enough people to take advantage of it.

A restaurant that successfully does this will have less to worry about than a restaurant that does nothing. They will still be earning a profit and may be able to weather the storm completely. The restaurants that adapt the fastest and get their strategies communicated to the public will be the ones who have nothing to fear.

As people panic buy, shops and supermarkets have less ion the shelves than they normally do. Some people are not visiting shops at all. But all these people still need to eat, so now may be the best time to create a takeaway service. More people need them during this time than ever before in living memory. This is something Virtual Solutions would encourage as many restaurants as possible to get on board with. We also wrote another piece earlier in the week which is designed to help businesses prepare for life after coronavirus, so do check that out too.

How Virtual Solutions Can support remote marketing

We understand that putting such strategies into practice or planning them is easier said than done. If you’re a restaurant or hotel who’s in need of support while you put your contingencies in place, then do feel free to reach out to us.

As a digital marketing agency who specialises in hospitality, we have plenty of experience in this arena. So if you’re currently in uncharted territory and are in need of a guide we may be able to assist. You may only be in need to temporary marketing support, if that’s the case you’re welcome too.

Perhaps your marketing staff are in isolation or your normal agency has shut down during the pandemic. If so then you’ll be pleased to learn that Virtual Solutions are a fully remote agency. While we do indeed have a head office (and several others around the world), our team take advantage of technology to work remotely. This is something we did before coronavirus, so in truth it’s not affected us that much at all.

Our operations are still functioning, and we continue to help our clients, as well as other restaurants and hotels who are in need of support. Virtual Solutions have the tools and infrastructure to withstand a situation like this. So, if you’re short-handed and need either some help or guidance then let us know. We may have the remedy you’re looking for to get through this crisis.

You can also follow our Daily Coronavirus Briefing for practical and up to date advice. This blog is written by us and is designed to be a helpful guide for those in the hospitality industry, so all information will be curated with this in mind.

Stay safe,

Virtual Solutions

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