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Restaurant Marketing Ideas for April

Restaurant Marketing Ideas for April

Restaurant Marketing Ideas for April

Due to COVID-19 it’s more important than ever to market your take-away or collection service online. We hope you find these tips helpful.

With Spring well and truly here and the days getting longer again, it’s time to turn our thoughts to April and how not to make a fool out of yourself with some fantastic new marketing concepts.

We’ve picked out a selection of Event Days celebrated around the world so you can brainstorm innovative ideas and unique events to connect with your customers and market your restaurant in a whole new way.

When making your choice, it’s essential that you think about your brand and your customer, the content you put out needs to match your brand voice, visions and values, and at the same time it has to be interesting and entertaining for your guests.

So only select the events that make sense for your venue. Restaurant marketing isn’t about trying to appeal to everyone everywhere, it’s about being relevant to the types of people who visit your establishment and the types of guest you want to attract.

Whether you’re promoting the menu, venue, staff or story – there needs to be a clear reason that makes sense for your brand behind your marketing efforts.

The following list covers events from the UK, US, Europe and beyond. With social media and the internet making the world a more accessible place, it’s absolutely fine to get involved with most events, even if you’re not in the hosting country.

Restaurant Marketing Ideas for April:

  • Grilled Cheese Month
  • Pecan Month
  • Soft Pretzel Month
  • Soyfoods Month

Weekly Awareness Events in April:

  • British Beef Week – 23rd – 30th April
  • UK Coffee Week 27th April – 3rd May

National Gardening Week (UK) 27th April – 3rd May

Our Recommendations for Getting Involved

You may notice some unusual additions in our list of Restaurant Marketing ideas for April, and might be wondering why they’re there – what could Hanging Out Day, a celebration of washing and drying laundry, possibly have to do with your restaurant?

Well, it depends whether you use table clothes, aprons, and other fabric goods or not. Why not have a focused clean up of the linen and highlight your style, especially if you’ve got monogramed or logo embroidered additions to the material!

Barber Shop Quartet Day, why is that there? If you offer live music and performances for your diners, why not think about whether the old-time sound of a Barber Shop Quartet would interest them and look at booking an act in!

How about Cherish an Antique? That should be obvious, especially if your restaurant has been running for a very long time. Have you got a piece of kit or machine that has been carefully treasured and you couldn’t do without? Now’s the time to tell the story!

Thinking laterally gives you more options – as long as there’s a good reason and a workable connection between your business and the event, if it will appeal to your customers and reflect your brand in a positive light, then it’s worth doing.

But don’t try doing everything.  By overdoing it and trying to get involved in unrelated celebrations, you could end up doing more harm than good to your brand. When making your decisions you should:

  1. Only pick events that are relevant to your brand, business, vision and values.
  2. Only choose days that celebrate topics that will interest, engage or delight your customers
  3. Fully understand what the event is about before you get involved!

Ask yourself:

  1. Is the topic of the event consistent with the business vision, values and goals?
  2. Can you use your own brand voice to promote this?
  3. Does it make sense for your brand to be associating with this?
  4. Will this help highlight a part of the business? (Menu / Venue / History / Staff)
  5. Do you really understand the event and who it’s aimed at?
  6. Have there been any scandals or problems associated with the event that might reflect badly on your brand if you get involved?
  7. Are your customers going to want to get involved with your content?

Answering these will tell you what’s appropriate for you. If you’re not sure, then you’ve already got your answer – no, it’s got to check the boxes and be a good fit to be worth your time.

1st Apil

  • April Fool’s Day
  • Sourdough Bread Day
  • Walking Day

2nd April

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Day
  • Burrito Day
  • Reconciliation Day
  • World Autism Awareness Day

3rd April

  • Chocolate Mousse Day
  • Find a Rainbow Day
  • Tweed Day
  • World Party Day

4th April

• International Carrot Day
• Chicken Cordon Bleu Day
• Vitamin C Day
• Walk Around Things Day
• Love Our Children Day
• Handmade Day

5th April

• Raisin and Spice Bar Day
• First Contact Day
• Gold Star Spouses Day
• Caramel Day
• Deep Dish Pizza Day

6th April

• Caramel Popcorn Day
• Fresh Tomato Day
• New Beer’s Eve
• Teflon Day

7th April

• World Health Day
• Beer Day
• Coffee Cake Day
• No Housework Day

8th April

• All is Ours Day
• Empanada Day

9th April

• Cherish an Antique Day
• Chinese Almond Cookie Day
• Name Yourself Day
• Unicorn Day
• Alcohol Screening Day

10th April

• Cinnamon Crescent Day
• Encourage a Young Writer Day
• Siblings Day
• Good Friday

11th April

• Barber Shop Quartet Day
• Cheese Fondue Day
• Pet Day
• Submarine Day

12th April

• Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day
• Liquorice / Licorice Day
• Easter Sunday

13th April

• Make Lunch Count Day
• Peach Cobbler Day

14th April

• Gardening Day
• Pecan Day
• Reach as High as You Can Day
• Look Up at The Sky Day

15th April

• Glazed Spiral Ham Day
• Take a Wild Guess Day

16th April

• Eggs Benedict Day
• Day of the Mushroom
• Get to Know Your Customers Day
• High Five Day

17th April

• Crawfish Day
• Cheeseball Day
• Hanging Out Day

18th April

• Animal Crackers Day

19th April

• Amaretto Day
• Garlic Day

20th April

• Cheddar Fries Day
• Lima Bean (Butter Bean) Respect Day
• Look Alike Day
• Pineapple Upside Down Cake Day

21st April

• British National Tea Day
• Chocolate Covered Cashews Day

22nd April

• Jellybean Day
• Earth Day

23rd April

• St. George’s Day
• Cherry Cheesecake Day
• National Picnic Day (US)
• Take a Chance Day
• Talk Like Shakespeare Day

24th April

• Stop Food Waste Day
• Pigs in a Blanket Day

25th April

• Zucchini (Courgette) Bread Day
• Sense of Smell Day

26th April

• Pretzel Day
• Pet Parents Day

27th April

• Devil Dog Day
• Prime Rib Day
• Tell a Story Day

28th April

• Blueberry Pie Day
• Superhero Day

29th April

• Shrimp Scampi Day

30th April

• Bubble Tea Day
• Oatmeal Cookie Day
• Honesty Day
• Raisin Day

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