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Restaurant Marketing Ideas for August

Restaurant Marketing Ideas for August

Restaurant Marketing Ideas for August

Discovering and deciding upon new ways to promote your restaurant and get those tables filled can be a daunting task.

Between balancing your brand voice, visions and values with new concepts – entertaining your audience with something new and exciting, yet still remaining recognisably you, it might feel that it’s a task too far.

But this is where we’re here to help!

We’ve scoured the web and found all the best upcoming hashtag, event and promotional days that you could use for your restaurant to promote awareness, showcase elements of your business, and become part of a global buzz.

When deciding which celebrations to take part in, it’s important that you remember a couple of important things:

  1. ONLY take part in events that are relevant in some way to your business AND that don’t go against your brand vision and values.
  2. You DON’T need to celebrate everything. If the particular date is relevant to your establishment, but you don’t feel that it would add anything to get involved, then don’t bother getting involved. If you’re not interested, your customers aren’t going to be interested, and you’ll just be wasting your time.
  3. Make sure you UNDERSTAND what the event is. Always look it up and double check what you’re getting involved with. Misunderstandings are common, but the damage they can do is enormous (for example – one Pizza chain didn’t understand that #WhyIStayed was a hashtag that Domestic Abuse victims were using to discuss their circumstances, and had to apologise to a lot of very angry people when they tweeted “#WhyIStayed You had pizza.”)


PLEASE NOTE: Some of the entries on the following list are National Days (UK, USA, EU, etc). However, with social media providing connections across the world and customers visiting various venues from across the globe, there is no problem with promoting and celebrating these days even if you’re not based in the hosting Nation.

Restaurant Marketing Ideas for August:

  • National Peach Month
  • Admit You’re Happy Month
  • Family Fun Month
  • Romance Awareness Month
  • Water Quality Month
  • Family Meals Month
  • National Sandwich Month
  • National Panini Month
  • National Brownies at Brunch Month
  • National Goat Cheese Month
  • Celery, Fennel and Cactus Month
  • Mushroom and Onion Month


Weekly Awareness Events in August:

  • World Breastfeeding Week (1st – 7th)
  • Great British Beer Festival (7th – 11th)
  • Afternoon Tea Week (12th – 18th)
  • World Water Week (25th – 30th)

Other Awareness Events in August (including Local ones):

  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe (2nd – 26th)
  • Coventry Viva! Vegan Festival (3rd)
  • Cheltenham Cheese & Chilli Festival (3rd – 4th)
  • Sandringham Food Festival (3rd – 4th)
  • West Dean Gardens Chilli Festival (9th – 11th)
  • The Big Grill (10th – 11th)
  • Nottingham Food Festival (10th – 11th)
  • Great British Food Festival: Westonbirt School Food Festival (10th – 11th)
  • Clitheroe Food Festival (11th)
  • Far Forest Food Festival (11th – 12th)
  • Ludlow Magnalonga (Food Walk) (12th)
  • Winchester Cheese & Chilli Festival (17th – 18th)
  • Saffron Walden Beer & Cider Festival (17th – 19th)
  • Oxfordshire Chilli Festival (18th)
  • Isle of Wight Garlic Festival (18th – 19th)
  • 41st Peterborough Beer Festival (21st – 25th)
  • 23rd Clacton-on-Sea Real Ale and Cider Festival (22nd – 25th)
  • Foodies Festival (24th – 26th)
  • The Big Feastival (24th – 26th)
  • Great British Food Festival: Stonyhurst School Food Festival (24th – 26th)
  • Nottinghill Carnival (25th – 26th)
  • Bennington Lordship Gardens Chilli Festival (25th – 27th)
  • The BBC Good Food Festival (25th – 27th)
  • The Big Bake (25th – 27th)
  • Food Gusto Food & Drink Festival (25th)
  • Newlyn Fish Festival (28th)
  • Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight (31st – 15th September)
  • Nantwich Food Festival (31st – 2nd Sept)
  • Berwick Food and Beer Festival (31st – 2nd Sept)


Single Day Events for Restaurant Marketing in August:

Yorkshire Day

International Beer Day

National Mustard Day

National Oyster Day

National Play Day

Cycle to Work Day
International Cat Day

International Youth Day

International Lefthanders Day
National Prosecco Day

National Potato Day
World Humanitarian Day
World Photo Day

World Plant-Milk Day
National Burger Day

International Bacon Day

Our Advice on How to Put these Awareness Dates to Good Use for Your Restaurant

When it comes to ingredient or dish awareness days, it’s pretty obvious how your business can get involved with celebrating the day.

You may have noticed however that not all the dates relate to food, and some of them might seem a little unusual. These dates aren’t just added to fill up space or to make you scratch your head – when you’re marketing your restaurant, you need to be thinking and doing things that your competitors aren’t.

By thinking outside of the box and creating interesting content, you can promote your restaurant in new and different ways that your competitors may not have even thought to try.

For example:

  1. You often see news stories where Mothers have gone into restaurants or cafes and been treated poorly when it comes to breastfeeding. By getting involved with World Breastfeeding Week you can tell people what your policies are, how you respect that feeding an infant is not the same as changing one (and therefore shouldn’t be done in a toilet) and welcome mothers to your establishment.
  2. On Yorkshire day, if you frequently serve up a nice roast, why not share some shots of your Yorkshire pudding and tell people how delicious it is!

As we mentioned before however, it’s essential that you choose carefully when marketing your venue, and make sure that the promotion will add something to your business.

To help you with your decision-making process, we recommend that you ask yourself these questions each time:

  • Is the topic of the event consistent with your Brand Vision and Values?
  • Will you be able to use your own Brand Voice to promote this?
  • Does it make sense for your restaurant to be associating with this event?
  • Will this help to highlight something about the business? (Menu or Venue)
  • Do you understand what the event is about, who it’s aimed at and what it’s really about?
  • Are there any problems associated with the event – scandals or negative connotations that might damage your brand if you get involved?
  • Are your customers going to be interested in seeing this content?

Once you’ve asked yourself these questions, you should have a really good idea of whether that particular event is for you or not. If you’re certain that you’re going to improve your business, brand and customer satisfaction levels with this interaction, then it’s time for you to get creating some relevant content!

If you’re unsure, or don’t really know what you want to do with these days, or the future marketing of your venue we’re here to provide you with expert help! From determining your Return on Investment (ROI) to creating fully researched and optimised digital campaigns, we provide the services you need to get your promoting on point.

We offer ‘As you need them’ and ‘Done for You’ services as well as bespoke training and consultation, helping you serve up the best of your business online.



Digital marketing has become one of the most important ways of attracting potential customers, establishing brand awareness, driving direct bookings and maintaining customer loyalty.

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