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Restaurant Marketing Top Tips – How to Get It Right in March

Restaurant Marketing Top Tips – How to Get It Right in March

Finding new restaurant marketing ideas can be challenging, with so much competition and more venues realising the importance of online advertising and social media marketing, it can be difficult to determine the best way to stand out from the crowd and ensure your local restaurant is seen ahead of your competitors.

Creating a monthly Marketing strategy is one way you can break down the scale of the job, and make it more manageable – by splitting your strategy into monthly segments you can keep abreast of recent restaurant trends and maintain a flexible approach that allows you to incorporate changes in the market and customer expectations.

Here are our top tips for your restaurant marketing plan in March.

You Need to Know Hashtag and Holiday Dates and Offer Unique Promotions

As well as main cultural holidays and festivals, there are a number of ‘hashtag days’ that your social media marketing can take advantage of. Here are some of the notable holiday dates and hashtag days that are coming up in March:

  • 6th March – #EmployeeAppreciationDay
  • 14th March – #NationalPotatoChipDay
  • 17th March – St. Patrick’s Day
  • 20th March – International Day of Happiness
  • 22nd March – #WorldWaterDay
  • 25th March – Palm Sunday
  • 26th March – #NationalSpinachDay
  • 28th March – #BlackForestCakeDay
  • 31st March – Good Friday / Easter

The ‘experience’ your venue offers is one of the main factors that a customer will look at when deciding to spend their money, especially if that experience connects them to a bigger movement or event. This is why celebrating hashtag days and holidays can make such a difference – you are connecting your customers with everyone else who is celebrating.

This does mean that it is all the more important that you offer an authentic and genuine event – if, for example, your venue does not and has never served Black Forest Cake – it would be inappropriate and misleading for you to include a promotion in your marketing strategy based around that day. Promote events that will showcase your menu and venue, not do something just for the sake of it.

How to Best Appeal to Your Customer s and Market Your Promotion

Overall, for your restaurant marketing plan to work, you need to understand who your customer is, where they are visiting, and what times they visit, and this is even more important when you’re marketing a promotion – if no one sees your special offer, then no one will take you up on it.

However you decide to approach your campaign, it is vital that you get it to the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Social Media platforms offer a lot of exposure with the potential for a large number of customers to see your content. Connect with your audience and inform them of your offer, you could do this through blogs, videos or promotional images.

Build anticipation by counting down the days until the event, or teasing the menu. Building a ‘buzz’ and anticipation should be proportionate to the offer – if you build customer expectations to a high level, then offer them a substandard promotion – it will damage your reputation and your brand.

Connect with interested customers by having a regular newsletter. You can inform your audience of interesting news, any changes to the menu or opening times, and promote upcoming events. To generate interest and new sign ups, advertise new events and special offers in your newsletter before you promote them elsewhere.

Whether you decide to celebrate upcoming holidays, festivals or hashtag days in a big way, or simply offer small promotions – be aware of events that are relevant to your venue and menu; the more people you engage with in an entertaining and interesting way – the more likely you are to be remembered, recommended and visited.

Incorporating these events into your restaurant’s Social Media strategy gives you points of conversation and interest, and encourages your audience to get involved with your brand again and again.

We can help you create a Social Media strategy that showcases the best your venue has to offer. BOOK A CALL today.