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Update 24/09/2020 – Coronavirus Briefing for the Hospitality Industry

Update 24/09/2020 – Coronavirus Briefing for the Hospitality Industry

Coronavirus Briefing For Hospitality Industry

Virtual Solutions bring you the latest news regarding COVID-19 and its impact on the Hospitality Industry. All stories sourced by Virtual Solutions.

Hotels across Europe report a positive increase in performance. New data from STR suggests that since going into hibernation in February due to COVID-19, hotel performance levels have increased since August. Hotels continued to suffer throughout spring and summer, but July and August offered the first glimmers of recovery across the continent. This is due to the infection rate dropping during this time.

New York City’s bars and restaurants continue to struggle with rent. According to a recent report from the New York Times, 87% of restaurants and bars across the city have fallen short when it comes to paying rent. With venues closed since February or March, most have been unable to earn a profit and landlords themselves are struggling to offer avenues of support. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced his suggestions for combating the problem.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and United Nations (UN) lead a crackdown on false COVID-19 information. The world has an increasingly difficult problem with disinformation. During a global pandemic, this is more dangerous than ever. Now, however, the WHO and the UN have urged countries around the world to combat myths and falsehoods associated with COVID-19 in an effort to save more lives.

Experts argue new measures to combat COVID-19 in the UK are “too little, too late” – and for the second time. A representative of the Scientific Advisory Group of Emergencies has argued that the Government has not been heeding the advice from scientists as much as they should. However, the Government have been defended by others, suggesting that they need to strike a delicate balance between fighting the virus and supporting the economy.

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