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Using 360 Video in Hotel Marketing – Infographic

Using 360 Video in Hotel Marketing – Infographic

Using 360 Video in Hotel Marketing

Using 360 Video in Hotel Marketing – Infographic


With such intense competition in the hospitality industry nowadays, hotels need to be highly innovative in their marketing activities to distinguish themselves from the competition. Showcasing a few nice images on their website just doesn’t cut it anymore. They need fresh, engaging, absorbing content that will leave prospective visitors thinking “Whoa, I’m booking this place right away!”.


The rise of 360-degree video has been embraced by some hotels and it’s not difficult to see why. 360 video is still in its infancy, so it has huge potential to leave an imprint on the minds of consumers. Also, in an era when consumers tend to be sceptical of claims from brands, immersive video has the notable benefit of being quite transparent. Images can be photoshopped and video clips can be cropped, but 360 video lays everything bare. What you see is genuinely what you get, so if a 360-degree video shows your hotel room in a positive light, you know that you’re offering quality accommodation.


This technology not only instigates massive customer confidence but also forges a stronger connection with them than other visual strategies because of its immersive qualities. Exploring an immersive video makes you feel that you’re literally taking a walkthrough of the hotel, even though you could be viewing it on a screen many miles away.


This infographic from The Europe Hotel & Resort explains how 360 video can be used by hotels as a lucrative marketing tool to not only attract more visitors, but also enhance their experience with you.


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Using 360 Video in Hotel Marketing - Infographic

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