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Virtual Solutions – 2020 a Year in Review

Virtual Solutions – 2020 a Year in Review

Year In Review

Virtual Solutions – 2020 a Year in Review

2020 really has fitted the phrase “for the history books” – with the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting businesses and lives across the globe, it’s easy to imagine students and scholars opening their textbooks and studying the economic, social, and psychological effects the coronavirus had on the world this year.

Some people can’t wait for the year to finish and be done with and have no intention of looking back on the events – concentrating solely on moving forward. We can’t say we blame them, but from a business point of view, we understand how important it is to evaluate the events of 2020, how we were affected, how we reacted, where we came up short – and where we succeeded.

In that vein, we’re going to look at the positives this year has bought, were our team has succeeded and come out ahead – giving us a boost into 2021 and the challenges that are still to come.

Where Did You See Virtual Solutions in 2020?

Our CEO and Founder Dawn Gribble returned to television as a Guest Judge for the Catering Circle, she also joined them as an Expert Commentator during their COVID-19 special, sharing her insights on how restaurants could handle their social presence and reputation during lockdown.

As part of the A Taste of Devon initiative, we also put on an incredibly successful Virtual Christmas Fair, which reached over 10,000 people, and saw Dawn hosting a whole day live event, featuring chefs, businesses, and artisans from across the Devon area.

Client Highlights

Specialising in Hotels and Restaurants during the pandemic has been incredibly difficult, but we’ve worked together with our incredible clients and put together a number of unique and interesting campaigns.

We put together our popular Coronavirus Hub, gathering together the latest information and news that restauranteurs and hoteliers needed to know, and launched our Live Blog to keep the updates coming.

We also reached out to assist with our Emergency Marketing Support and offered temporary services to those who needed them on a short-term basis.

Awards – Given and Received

Our Hospitality Heroes and Inspirational Business Awards were given out for the first time this year, with a number of local vendors receiving the coveted trophies for their incredible efforts and ingenuity in taking business-threatening problems and thriving with innovative solutions.

Virtual Solutions were also extremely proud to receive a number of awards this year including:

  • M&A Today Global Award: Best Hospitality Marketing Agency 2020
  • Corp Today Magazine 2020 Award: Excellence in Digital Marketing & CX
  • Greater London Enterprise Award: Most Innovative Global Digital F&B Marketing Experts
  • 2020 Media Innovator Award: Best Hospitality Digital Marketing Specialists
  • Corporate LiveWire Global Award 2020: Hospitality Digital Marketing Specialists of the Year

We intend to continue the hard work and our resolution is to make 2021 even more of a success both with our clients and offering new and exciting ranges of digital products, services and interactive content.

We wish you all a fantastic new year, and look forward to journeying with you in 2021!

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