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Virtual Solutions – March 2020 in Review

Virtual Solutions – March 2020 in Review

March In Review

March has truly been an eventful month, not just for Virtual Solutions but for the whole world. Back when we wrote our February in Review blog, we never thought for a moment that our post a month later would contain some of these topics, but here we are.

In the past few week COVID-19 aka the coronavirus has spread across the world causing many challenges. One of the hardest hit industries is the hospitality sector, with hotels and restaurants closing all over the world.

As a company who supports hospitality, in fact one that lives and breathes it, we know the struggle you face. But we have taken some steps to help. For starters, we set up a separate blog focused on these events, designed to provide practical advice, updates and guidance to our industry. You can find a link to this here.

Temporary/Emergency Marketing Support

We’ve also set up a new service designed to help those effected by the pandemic. Especially those who are in need of temporary or emergency marketing support during this crisis.

Perhaps your marketing staff are in isolation and cannot work at full capacity. Or perhaps the third-party agency you normally rely on for marketing has shut down during the pandemic. If this is the case, then get in touch with us. We may be able to pick up some of these duties for you.

You’ll also be pleased to learn that Virtual Solutions are a fully remote agency and our operations are still functioning despite this crisis. We continue to support our clients, as well as other restaurants and hotels who are in need of support.

Virtual Solutions have the tools and infrastructure to withstand a situation like this. So, if you’re short-handed and need either some help or guidance then let us know. We may have the remedy you’re looking for to get through this crisis.

Remember, this pandemic will pass, and life will return to normal. We all just need to persevere until that day comes.

Some Good News!

In other news we’re excited to announce that Virtual Solutions have partnered with a new client; and we’d like to welcome Hackney Therapy Centre to our family. We’re looking forward to developing our relationship with you and thank you for your faith in us!

Virtual Solutions have also re-established our partnership with Party Ace. An awesome event planning company whose co-founder is also an investor in our Global brand! Let’s hope we can all get back to partying soon.

Until then, stay home, stay safe and we’ll talk to you soon.

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