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Virtual Solutions – May 2020 in Review

Virtual Solutions – May 2020 in Review

Virtual Solutions Company News May 2020

Virtual Solutions – May 2020 in Review

This time last month we were in the heaviest period of lockdown as a result of coronavirus, but this month we’re finally starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. The virus is still very much a threat, but all over the world restrictions are beginning to ease.

For the Hospitality Industry, this is very welcome news. We’re all desperate to get back to work and welcome customers back into our establishments. Cleanliness Initiatives are being adopted by all major hotel chains, and while this virus will always be in our peripheral vision, as time goes on, we’ll gradually reclaim our sector; piece by piece until we’re whole again.

We know what this enemy is now, we know how it works and what to do to conquer it. More importantly, our customers know we know this. Our efforts to make our hotels and restaurants safe places will restore their confidence, allowing us to welcome them back soon.

May has been an incredibly busy month, Virtual Solutions would like to welcome our new clients Time Hotels, Jannah Hotels and The Chocolate Vault to our family. We’ve enjoyed working with each of you so far – we can’t wait to continue building our relationship as the world returns to a semblance of normality.

Our parent company Virtual Solutions Global has also had a busy month since launching its temporary marketing service. We’ve done some fantastic work with some fantastic people and companies. We’d like to say a special thank you to Molzana, My Non Exec and Free Me Natural Mosquito Spray!

Coronavirus Hub – Now Live!

Virtual Solutions have been creating content on a near-daily basis to help our colleagues across the industry get the facts about coronavirus. Clarifying important news updates and offering expert analysis to how it impacts our sector.

We have since gathered all this information and separated it into several different blogs within our Coronavirus Hub. This way those who need more information pertaining to coronavirus and hospitality have a reliable bank of knowledge they can turn to. You can visit our Coronavirus Hub here.

Hospitality Heroes

Throughout this pandemic, we have heard some truly incredible and heart-warming stories. Despite the difficulties our industry has faced, many of its members have still rushed to the aid of those in even more need. From restaurants cooking free meals to front-line workers to hotels converting into make-shift hospitals, we’ve genuinely never been prouder to work among you.

And because of this, Virtual Solutions would like to identify the companies and individuals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. We will soon be creating an article paying tribute to many of the Hospitality Heroes that are out there. If you’re aware of any these stories, then please do share them with us.

Become a Hospitality Insider

Virtual Solutions have also recently launched a LinkedIn group called Hospitality Insiders! Membership of the group is exclusive to those who work in the industry and those who join will be privy to breaking news, industry knowledge, and analysis from experts like ourselves before anyone else.

Members will also have access to exclusive content from us, which we hope will give them a competitive edge. To learn more about our Hospitality Insiders LinkedIn group then please click here.


We’d also like to take this opportunity to welcome our new team members Yvonne, Anna and Emma to the family! Exciting times ahead for all of us as the team continues to grow.

Virtual Solutions Global would like to offer a heartfelt thank you to those of you who have recently given us positive feedback. Your words mean a lot and we really appreciate you taking the time to tell us.

Another thank you goes out to the key workers across the world. Thank you for keeping us safe and genuinely being the heroes the world needs.

Virtual Solutions Global

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