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Why is Website Design So Important?

Why is Website Design So Important?

Having an online presence is crucial for almost any type of business today.  Whether you sell products or services through the site or simply use it as a way to show customers that your business exists, the website is an integral part of the marketing and advertisement strategy.  But the modern website is about more than just having a simple, one-page website that looks a bit like a newspaper advert – it is about creating a place that will attract and inform customers.  The key to that is understanding the importance of good web design.

The benefits of the website


Before considering design, let’s take a moment to remind ourselves why we need a website in the first place.  When you offer physical products or services, it can be easy to think that a website isn’t that important – after all, it isn’t going to make money for the business in the way that a physical store will do.

This is a common misconception that doesn’t take into account the way that people find businesses today.  Say you are out shopping and notice your car has a leak so you want to go to the nearest garage to get it checked out.  You would likely use a smartphone to search for the nearest car repair garage and from the search results, choose one.  This would take you to the website where you could check where the business is located, opening hours and even if they cover the kind of car you have.

However, if the business didn’t have that website, then they could be the next street over from that customer yet the person would never know they were there.  By being absent from the internet, they are absent from the greatest number of customers – those that use the internet to find things.

Web design

But there still might be the question of why is website design so important?  Let’s carry on talking about that garage.  They might think that a single, basic webpage with their address, maybe a map and opening hours would do the job.  They can add a list of the services they offer and that would do nicely.

The reality is that they might show up in search results but it would be so far down the listings that they would not likely gain any customers.  That’s because search engines use a number of factors when offering those important results to customers and one of the top things is the design of the website.

Design basics


There are a number of key components to a well-designed website that creates a good user experience and will, therefore, rate highly on search engine results.


Aesthetics might seem like an idea that doesn’t have much practical application to the world of the internet but the opposite is actually true.  A website needs to look good and balance the function with the design to create a harmonious and attractive look.  This is done with subtle elements such as images, colors, typography, and the use of white http://quotecorner.com/online-pharmacy.html space.  It is also the way that a company makes itself different from its competitors – the use of a visual brand in its aesthetics.


At the heart of the website design is branding.  Once, branding was about having a cool logo, maybe a nice font or two.  But today, branding has moved to a whole new level.  It is about creating a visual identity for the company that can be used across all platforms and into offline advertising and merchandise.  It is about creating a color palette, a logo, fonts, a voice and lots of other subtle touches that make a company into a brand.  This brand then builds trust in customers as they see it on websites, social media and even in print media – and they recognize it.


The other key rating factor for websites is how they are organized.  Logic should always win when it comes to organizing a website to ensure that visitors can find what they are looking for quickly and easily.  Navigation is the term used for the way you get around a website and this should be sensible and layered.  For example, that garage offers annual servicing to vehicles and has three different packages.  So, under the ‘Servicing’ section on their navigation bar, they could have a page for each servicing package and what it offers.


While content isn’t a part of the design as such, it should be mentioned quickly.  When adding content of any sort, it should fit in with the design of the website.  That means if the company has a blog, the fonts and colors should match the rest of the site.  By using imagery across all the areas of the website, you can create a harmonious and pleasant visual experience as well as providing interesting information.

Functionality with design


A great looking website is one thing but there are other practical considerations that need to pair with it to get the desired result.  One of the most important has become the responsiveness of the design – in other words, that it works on smartphones and tablets as well as on desktop devices.

Because of the number of searches from mobile phones now out ways the number of computers, Google and other search engines now rate the ‘mobile-friendliness’ of websites.  So, if the website isn’t responsive and doesn’t show correctly on these devices, the brilliantly designed site might only show up to the portion of customers using a computer.


Web design is a crucial part of having a website and the important of good website design cannot be understated.  That’s why many companies now use specialists to design their website, people who work all of the time with these important factors and know how to integrate them into their designs.  By having the right balance of function, aesthetics, content and branding, the business can rate in those crucial search engine results and find that customer who is searching for their service today and every day going forward.